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Progressive communist democrats, notably Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, one of the most communist-infiltrated states in the Union, now want any additional aid to Israel to be conditioned on the promise that Israel will abide by international law.

An anti-Semitic slap in the face to Israel, the only nation, bar none that goes to extraordinary lengths to protect a civilian population that openly sides with the Hamas terrorists and celebrates the wanton slaughter of Israelis and others on October 7 – in clear violation of international law.

The message that Murphy, the chairman of the Foreign Relations subcommittee on the Middle East, and his fellow travelers are sending is that Hamas has supporters in Congress and that they are okay with low-level conflict, including rocket attacks and the occasional terrorist massacre, just as long as Israel stays in the region and does not attack the head of the terrorist snake Iran.

It is almost as if Murphy got his marching orders from the anti-Semitic former President, Barack Obama, whose Middle East policy is to allow Iran to go nuclear and thus balance the power in the region. 

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Murphy said, “We regularly condition our aid to allies based upon compliance with U.S. law and international law, and so I think it’s very consistent with the ways in which we have dispensed aid, especially during wartime, to allies, for us to talk about making sure that the aid we give Ukraine or the aid we give Israel is used in accordance with human rights laws.” Adding, “And that will be a conversation we will all be engaged in when we get back to Washington on Monday,” and that he believes Israel needs to be more “careful in the way that it is conducting” its operations in Gaza.

It’s too bad the moderator didn’t follow up with, “Just what U.S. or international law condones: burning babies and others alive, beheading children, torturing and mutilating children in front of their parents before they were killed.” We don’t have to take Israel’s account of the atrocities; the terrorists themselves gleefully filmed the action with GoPro Action Cameras and posted it on the internet.

How were our elected leaders so corrupted that they looked evil in the face and took evil over overt righteousness? Or is it that they need Jews to be the distraction that misdirects voters from the terrible surrender in Afghanistan, our faltering economy, and the fact that our President is a corrupt foreign agent and now non-compos mentis and non-functioning as we face the most significant threats since the cold war ended?

I can’t be the only one who knows that the Hamas and other terrorist groups arrayed against Israel are led by Iran. That the Islamicists want a Caliphate, not a two-state solution. And, if there were to be a two-state solution, it would rightly belong in either Egypt or Jordan, another nation created by mandate in the region. Of course, both Egypt and Jordan want nothing to do with Palestinian Arabs and their history of terrorism and attacking reigning regimes.

Am I the only one who believes it is time for Israel to attack Iran and degrade its nuclear capability, which may already exist and is being hidden by the Obama/Biden Administration? Without Iran’s backing, several regional terror groups would be starved of funds and arms.

As for Barack Obama’s continuing attack on Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel would be crazy to fall for the media campaign and discard the only effective Israeli leader in decades.

Bottom line…

Like the queers marching for Hamas, full well knowing that they would be jailed, tortured, or executed if they displayed sexual proclivities in Gaza on the West Bank, American Jews seem oblivious to the dangers of disparaging the Israeli government as they fight for the right to exist, unmolested, in their ancestral homeland.

For those who believe the Arab bullshit, let us remember two things: one, Islam (610 CE) was founded by a pedophile warlord after Judaism (c. 2000 BCE) and Christianity (4 BCE - 30 C.E.); and two, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in the Old City of Jerusalem, one of the holiest sites in Islam, is situated on the Temple Mount and built over the First Temple (Solomon’s Temple; 10 BCE)) and the Second Temple (516 BCE).

Islam is a fundamentally intolerant religion that remains incompatible with Western values no matter how they dress it up. To believe differently is to ignore your lying eyes and ears.

We are so screwed and, in turn, are screwing Israel.


-- Steve

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