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I had my doubts that there was anyone as stupid as the mindlessly vapid New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez until I observed teenage “wunderkind” Greta Thunberg, a media-created expert on global climate change who lectured us all from a position of scientific ignorance.


It now appears that Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, the 4’11” 20-year-old Swedish environmental activist, has moved on from climate change to supporting Hamas and the use of terrorism to bring about political change—a traditional far-left tactic using shock troops to scare the normies into acceptance of their historically failed ideology.

“Krossa Sionismen”

First, she was embroiled in an antisemitism scandal over having an octopus -- an anti-Semitic trope -- on her shoulder, while she held a sign urging people to “Stand with Gaza.” She claimed that she hadn’t intended it that way, and that it was something to help with her autism.

Then as she was speaking at a climate event in Amsterdam, she tried to make it an anti-Israel event, wearing a keffiyeh and asking two activists up onstage. A man who thought he was there for a climate demonstration tried to intervene and bring people back to the subject, and he was dragged off the stage. “No climate justice on occupied land,” Greta continued to chant, unconcerned about how the man had been treated.

Thunberg also marched through the streets of Amsterdam with a crowd, chanting the radical leftist chant, “A-anti-anti capitalist,” next to a black and red flag. Black stands for anarchy, and red is for communism. It’s a flag that has been carried by Occupy and Antifa folks.

Now, if that wasn’t clear enough, she was recently caught chanting, “Crush Zionism,” while participating in an anti-Israel rally outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm. <Source>

During that rally, many of the participants defended the terror group Hamas, claiming that Hamas’s actions against Israeli civilians were purely self-defense and arguing that Hamas has the same right as Israel to defend itself.

Hamas is, and always has been a terrorist group, so I wonder just what Hamas self-defense might look like.

Gaza is an autonomously governed area where Hamas is the governing authority. There are no Jews, except for hostages, alive in Gaza since the Israeli withdrawal and removal of Jewish communities in 2005. Israel does not randomly shoot rockets into Gaza aimed at civilians. Israel does not build “terror tunnels” under the border to infiltrate Gaza and slaughter civilians. I am not aware of any Israeli genocidal attack on Gaza, whose population has grown substantially since 2005.

To bring about Palestinian-Arab self-determination, the Israeli army forcibly removed the 8,600 Jewish residents in 17 communities from their homes in Gaza in 2005, many of whom were building a life in the desert by developing greenhouse farming.

What, you may ask, have the Gazans done to improve their lot after electing Hamas to govern over them? Why do Gaza’s schools teach Jew hatred and celebrate terrorism? Why did a large number of those innocent Gaza civilians participate in the October 7 attack on Israel, looting, raping, and murdering alongside the Iran-trained and equipped terrorists? 

Bottom line…

There comes a point when you must recognize the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. If Greta Thunberg lacks that capacity, she should keep her mouth shut and lapse into the dustbin of history.

Unfortunately, like many on the radical left, her being and livelihood are intertwined with the media and making increasingly outrageous statements to maintain media attention and relevance.

I think Thunberg is little more than an inconsequential and ignorant troll to be trotted out by agitations seeking media attention.

We are so screwed when the media exploits and celebrates these “nothings” for snapshots and soundbites.

-- Steve

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