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The Chevrolet Division of General Motors presents its wonderfully nostalgic commercial, "A Holiday to Remember." 

It is a beautifully composed portrait with John Denver's "Sunshine on My Shoulders" playing in the background. A reminder of what an idealized American life was like in the "white" mid-fifties. 

But it's a lie! Propaganda to make a particular segment of the population feel good and to bring about awareness of the Chevrolet brand as people talk about this commercial with millions of free advertising dollars as it spreads virally. 

Consider that progressive communist democrats are destroying the middle class, much as they destroyed Detroit with their outrageous union demands that sought benefits with little or no increase in productivity, inserting themselves into every significant decision, public and private, as they spread their poison with political corruption. 

Consider that this commercial will draw harsh criticism and condemnation from specific segments of a population radicalized into victimhood by the progressive communist democrats who are telling you what type of electric cars and appliances you must buy.

Consider that, for the most part, citizens remained unmolested by their government, which did not spy on ordinary Americans and did not seek to criminalize and punish their participation in school board meetings—a time when pornography in schools was a dog-eared copy of Playboy surreptitiously shared with your closest friends and not an illustrated manual of perverted sexual behavior found on library shelves.

Consider that we knew the difference between boys and girls -- and which bathroom to use. Fights used fists and lasted mere minutes -- no knives, chains, guns, or other weapons were used. Mass murder and highly-medicated students were not a thing.

The media may have sanitized the news and omitted essential stories, but they rarely created their own narratives, which featured crafted lies over verifiable information. Today, the media is little more than the corporatized arm of the progressive communist democrats, unable or unwilling to tell the truth.

Bottom line...

Of course, not everybody lived the romanticized life in the commercial. Racism did exist, and the progressive communist democrats were busy creating inner-city ghettos and ensuring a permanently dissatisfied underclass that could be rallied for political support in elections. Meanwhile, actual communists were infiltrating our government, institutions, organizations, and every aspect of our educational infrastructure.

It was a time when the government did not outsource biological weapon research to our enemies and then cover up the worldwide destruction it wrought.

Now, we are facing a perilous threat from the Islamic world, whose fundamental beliefs are incompatible with those of a tolerant, enlightened Western civilization. All ignored by the progressive communist democrats and their multiculturalism, moral equivalency, and utopian authoritarianism.

Yes, this commercial reminded me of a time when you could service and repair your own car -- and it did not spy on you on behalf of some anonymous third party selling your behavioral data.

Yes, this commercial reminds me of exactly how screwed we are if we allow the progressive communist democrats to stay in office and control our lives.

-- Steve

The real story of  Thanksgiving as told by the iconic Rush Limbaugh...


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