The Worst Case Scenario: Escalation of the Israel-Hamas Conflict



The world is on fire and at the brink of a global war, yet the Republicans cannot seem to come together to elect a Speaker of the House. 

The Republicans are making it all about the 2024 election and using dark times to continue fundraising. Ignoring our perilous situation as they think about reelection in their purple districts.

Meanwhile, we find the progressive communist democrats selling out our nation to our enemies and selling out the American citizens.

  1. We are shoveling money into corrupt foreign countries that support terror.

  2. We allow terrorist-linked students to wage campaigns on our campuses and streets. We refuse to deport those non-citizens who support terror.

  3. The Democrats refuse to acknowledge the mass execution of unarmed innocent civilians as they attempt to disarm the law-abiding American people while excusing those who use weapons to commit violence in our inner cities.

  4. The Democrats refuse to call out Iran as they rush to save Hamas, Iran’s proxy in Gaza, with a ceasefire. They prattle on about proportional responses and collective punishment of Gazans. They refuse to acknowledge the truth that Hamas has collectively punished innocent Israelis on behalf of their religion. Teaching children to hate and kill Jews.

  5. How is it that our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies are so busy tracking MAGA protesters in our Capitol that they are missing bona fide terrorists crossing our wide-open Southern Border?

  6. And, why are we not deporting Iranian students?

Bottom line…

President Biden and his cadre of Obama acolyte handlers are de facto foreign agents.

To say we are screwed is a gross understatement. The Obama/Biden Administration totally hoses us, and it won’t get better.

Everyone is watching, including our allies, who can see for themselves our feckless weakness. AND THE PROGRESSIVE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE!

Enough with the moral equivalency. You cannot compromise with terrorists; only kill them.

— Steve


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