There is no defense against the danger of a lone wolf terrorist…

As headlines and media narratives of various victimhood bombard us, there is a growing concern for the rise of the lone wolf terrorist, an individual operating in the shadows with no direct connection to a traditional terrorist network or direct affiliation to any extremist organization. This modern-day lone-wolf terrorist challenges our conventional understanding of terrorism and forces us to confront a new and dangerous reality.

In many cases, the lone wolf is not motivated by religious extremism or political beliefs but out of personal frustration with the system and deep dissatisfaction with their own lives.

Unfortunately, for law enforcement and ourselves, there is no clear profile or detectable pattern of behavior. They strike when and where they choose, making defense nearly impossible.

Creating chaos, hardship, and victims…

There is no doubt that the progressive communist democrats are stoking the fires of hell with their continuing disparagement of America and Americans. Opening the door to illegal alien cultures that have little or no respect for American exceptionalism and remain isolated by language, education, culture, and poverty – a permanent underclass that can be manipulated by promising them to redress their real or imagined grievances in return for their political support, even if that means staged mass demonstrations in American cities.

We are seeing an increasing number of socially isolated individuals who live in a world of their own, preoccupied by the internet and social media, which have become breeding grounds for extremist ideologies. Providing these disaffected and progressively dangerous individuals a platform to connect, share their twisted ideology, and potentially incite violence in others. Totally oblivious to the singular fact that social media is a pretend reality where even the disaffected have a megaphone and can be noticed.

Activist teachers are becoming a clear and present danger…

It has been long said that education plays a pivotal role in preventing the radicalization of vulnerable minds. Unfortunately, we are seeing the rise of a cadre of radical progressive communist democrat teachers serving as vehicles for promoting intolerance, suppressing critical thinking, and demanding the acceptance of racial or sexual diversity and perversion as societal norms.

Curricula include modules that indoctrinate students about the moral equivalency of evildoers and the worth of different cultures, religions, and ideologies, even if those cultures, religions, and ideologies represent an existential threat to our Western value system and way of life. Excusing pure, unadulterated evil by claiming one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. Yet, there is no legal or moral justification for torturing, maiming, and killing innocents, including raping and beheading babies. 

Instead of debunking myths and stereotypes that lead to prejudice and hatred, these teachers exploit them to advance their own twisted agenda.

It no longer takes a weapon of war to strike against the system.

As we have seen, individuals who hold positions of authority in critical infrastructure or hold the literal “keys to a digital kingdom” in their hands represent a threat beyond unthinking violence. It would take very little to damage or destroy lives by compromising our financial systems – something those who are being extorted and held for digital ransom rarely acknowledge until long after the initiating event.


Bottom line…

Preventing lone wolf attacks requires a three-pronged approach: constant vigilance, the ability to suspend your own disbelief that you are under attack, and the willingness to strike back with lethal force.

Those who suggest that, first and foremost, the belief that fostering open dialogues within different communities can help identify individuals who might be susceptible to radicalization can get you killed with their naivete and ignorance. Those who advocate teaching others to recognize the signs of extremism are often extremists themselves, willing to demonize their opposition.

Encouraging the reporting of suspicious activities is futile. Our so-called enhanced intelligence sharing and online monitoring activities have not identified potential threats in their early stages but have led to a collaboration between government and tech companies to surveil American citizens and advance a progressive communist democrat political agenda. Just looking at the politicization of the leadership of our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies proves the point.

In the face of the lone wolf terrorist threat, vigilance and an individual armed response are our greatest assets. This is a lesson painfully illustrated by the Hamas strike on mostly disarmed Israeli citizens. And yet, the progressive communist democrats continue to pursue the disarming of law-abiding American citizens -- as if they want a weak America vulnerable to foreign and domestic terrorism. 

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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