The Worst Case Scenario: Escalation of the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Hamas-kidnappingYou want Israel to show restraint in Gaza? Go find sympathy in the dictionary between fuck and you.

For years, we have witnessed escalating tensions between Israel and Hamas, the militant group controlling the Gaza Strip.

Unfortunately, the situation has dramatically worsened with the Hamas surprise attack from the air, sea, and ground by hundreds of terrorists on October 7, 2023, leading to the largest loss of life in Israel’s history and Israel’s declaration of war against Hamas.

The Domino Effect: Escalation Beyond Borders

We are now facing a nightmare scenario where the Israel-Hamas conflict has the potential to widen its scope to include other influential actors, such as Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, Russian proxies in Syria, and various other factions.

Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Shiite terrorist organization based in Lebanon and a longstanding adversary of Israel, continues to periodically lob rockets into Israel – threatening to launch attacks from southern Lebanon if Israel holds Hamas responsible for their horrific slaughter of Jews. This would open a second front against Israel,

Likewise, Syria, under the influence of Russia, adds another layer of danger to the conflict with its threat to support Hamas. Not only would this open another front against Israel, but it might lead to an even more dangerous situation should any Israeli retaliatory strikes threaten Russian troops on the ground.

Thus, any Israeli intervention in Syria could lead to a direct confrontation between Israeli forces and Russian-backed Syrian troops. This raises the stakes significantly, drawing major global powers into the conflict and increasing the risk of a large-scale war.

Beyond the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the ripple effect of a broader conflict will be felt far beyond the borders of the Middle East as global markets are disrupted, energy prices skyrocket, and political alliances shift dramatically. Moreover, the prospect of a broader conflict involving powerful nations like Russia and potentially others could lead to a new Cold War, with dire consequences for international relations and global stability.

Iran, the proximate cause of terror in the Middle East…

There is no doubt that Iran, a staunch supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, continues to fuel the Middle East conflict by providing substantial financial and military aid, further escalating the conflict.

Consider that the progressive communist democrats in the Obama and Biden Administrations not only have shoveled billions of dollars into Iran, but they also provided the means for developing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles – mostly in return for a photo-op and press release. Unlike other nuclear actors, the aged Iranian leadership has a death wish and a willingness to sow worldwide chaos and catastrophe to hasten the return of the Twelfth Imam to unite the world under Islam.

While the dangers of nuclear weapons and a civilization-ending EMP (electromagnetic pulse) are in the background, consider the cyber warfare and disinformation campaigns that can increase civilian dissatisfaction as they disrupt communication channels to sow chaos in the land.

Even worse…

The situation is dangerous, but it is far worse when you consider a mentally incompetent commander-in-chief whose orders are being dictated by incompetent and inexperienced political actors like the abject failure that is our current National Security Advisor. Likewise, our military is led by wokesters more interested in promoting diversity than bestowing death on our adversaries.

These are the fuckwads that continue to give the Taliban "humanitarian" money after surrendering the largest cache of military weapons ever provided to terrorists while abandoning Americans and their allies behind enemy lines to be captured, raped, tortured, mutilated, and killed. 

Moreover, our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies are playing politics and covering their collective asses rather than doing their jobs to stop terrorists and bad foreign actors who continue to exploit the Obama/Biden open border policy. 

Bottom line…

We must effect our own regime change – eliminating progressive communist democrats who are unable to protect our nation. Fuck-ups who destroy everything they touch.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve


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