Once again, we find queer progressive communist democrats in New York proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are blind, stupid, and brainwashed by progressive ideology.


In what universe would you openly support individuals and organizations who want to torture and kill you?

In what world do you believe you can negotiate or buy off terrorists committed to their cause and think killing you is the same as killing a cockroach?

No matter what you have heard, you are not recognized as “one of them” and thus are fair game for torture and death.

For those who genuinely believe that Israel is an apartheid state, consider that you can hold a gay pride parade in Israel, but not in Gaza or the West Bank.

Pride and Prejudice: The Hellish Life of Gaza’s LGBTQ Community

Four gay men and one woman tell Haaretz what life is really like in a ‘homophobic society’ where pretending to be straight is often a matter of survival.

At risk of harassment, torture or worse from Hamas or members of their own families, queer Gazans often hide away in fear. In the Strip, “passing” as straight can be a matter of survival.

“It’s impossible in this community. I have met many homosexuals in Gaza online. But everyone is afraid of everyone. Some have been punished, some have been killed. Others killed themselves. While Tel Aviv welcomed thousands of international revelers to its Pride parade earlier this month, just 70 kilometers (44 miles) south, Gazans say they are deprived of their most basic human rights due to the Israeli and Egyptian blockade imposed in 2007 (after the Islamic group Hamas seized control of the enclave from its rival, Fatah).

Life can be even more challenging for lesbians in the Gaza Strip. In Gaza’s conservative society, women are often not allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied, impairing their ability to form same-sex relationships. <Source>

Yes, they are blockaded., not as punishment, but for the survival of their neighbors who protect themselves from Hamas terrorists who have proven disruptive to even Arabs in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and elsewhere.

Bottom line…

If you want to protest, protest in areas that deny gay rights.

It's time to face reality: you are poseurs playacting at being protesters.

We are so screwed when the progressive communist democrats rationalize terrorism and provide credibility and funding to a purely evil group.

-- Steve

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