Once again, editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel nailed it in a one-panel cartoon…


Fuck your multiculturalism. Only a fool would believe that a culture that condones and justifies the wanton slaughter of innocent children, even their own children, should be protected from the consequences of their evil actions.

These are modern-day Nazis, and they and their supporters deserve to be held accountable for the society they created.

When you hear the Nazis speak about “the occupation,” they are not referring to Gaza or the West Bank but to all of Israel occupying “their” lands. Hence, the saying, “From the river to the sea,” refers to killing all the Jews in Israel. 

And, it is either the arrogance or the ignorance of the West that refuses to believe them or suggests they mean something else. However, peaceful coexistence with their neighbors is not it.

There is a reason that no Arab nation with significant space is willing to accept a large number of Palestinians into their country. If there were no Jews, the Arabs would be at war with their neighbors or return to the centuries-old conflict between the Sunnis and the Shia over who is the rightful heir of Islam. 

What part of the Hamas Charter is unclear?


And our own Representatives are representing our enemies...


Bottom line…

The savage man does not think like a civilized man. They do not share your values. You are considered sub-human and worthy of extinction without any additional thought.

We are living in trying times. When our politicians, our corporate leaders, our celebrities, and our institutions are revealing their true nature.

Take heed. Believe them when they tell you who they are and what they want. Beware, they are here and willing to kill you for their cause. They are aided and abetted by those who want to disarm you and make you more vulnerable. And, they do not care what tee-shirt you are wearing or that you are waving their flag -- you are an American, the evil satan deserving of death.

Look what’s pouring across our border, fundamentally changing the nature of our nation and exceptional culture. Be mindful of what’s happening here and just not in foreign lands.

We are so screwed.

— Steve

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