There are few things left to laugh about in today’s troubled world, but we can take comfort in the fact that male teenagers and young adults who regularly eat bacon in public are less likely to blow themselves up or commit acts of terrorism.


Seriously, there is a natural remedy that will occupy aggressive, military-age men: girlfriends. They consume so much time, effort, and money that you no longer have the energy to attack others and cannot afford weapons if you are so inclined.

Bottom line…

Now that we have offended much of the world, consider how much better it would be if people spent more time improving their own lives and communities than fighting to gain or maintain political power and create profits for the elites – be they clergy, academics, politicians, opportunists, experts, or the media’s arbiters.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

ChatGPT-generated disclaimer…

It is not accurate or fair to say that male Arab teenagers and young adults, or any specific group of male teenagers and young adults, are universally sexually oppressed. Sexual attitudes and behaviors vary widely across different cultures, regions, and individuals within those cultures. Arab societies, like many other societies worldwide, have diverse attitudes and practices regarding sexuality.

It is essential to avoid generalizations and stereotypes about any cultural or ethnic group. Arab countries have diverse populations with varying beliefs, customs, and levels of conservatism. In some conservative communities, there might be strict social norms and expectations regarding sexuality, which could impact teenagers. However, these norms do not apply universally to all Arab teenagers, and many young people in these societies find ways to navigate these expectations while exploring their own identities and relationships.

It is important to approach discussions about sexuality with sensitivity and respect for the cultural and individual differences that exist within any society. Addressing issues related to sexual health, education, and rights in a respectful and inclusive manner can help support young people in making informed decisions about their lives.

If you didn’t think wokesters trained ChatGPT, think again.

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