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The Democratic Party has a long history of grassroots activism, exploiting the power of organizing for collective action to mobilize diverse groups, rallying them to take to the streets to advance their progressive communist democrat agenda before crucial elections.

Leveraging the passion and energy of the dissatisfied and disaffected to influence public opinion. Sparking professional-agitator-led pseudo-grassroots movement to amplify their message of fear and chaos to “persuade” law-abiding citizens to place Democrats in power and to accept increasingly harsh authoritarian methods to appear to control these groups to protect citizens.

The Democratic Party cannot exist without building coalitions encompassing various interest groups such as environmentalists, LGBTQ+ advocates, labor unions, and social justice activists. By bringing together these diverse groups, Democrats create a powerful tool for advocating the acceptance of their toxic agenda. Before elections, this coalition building intensifies as the party strategically unites these groups under common progressive communist democrat goals and values.

Street Protests as a Political Tool.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that media-attention-grabbing street protests serve as a potent political tool for the progressive communist democrats, primarily to capture the public’s attention and encourage additional donations. They are mobilizing groups before elections to galvanize the Democratic base into action, translating disruptive street action into higher voter turnout, a crucial factor for Democratic victories.

Expanding Influence Through Social Media.

It has never been easier to generate flash mobs as the progressive communist democrats have almost seamlessly integrated traditional activism with the digital era. Using social media platforms to serve as a dynamic tool allows Democrats to mobilize supporters, coordinate events, and disseminate their message efficiently. Relying on hashtags, online campaigns, and viral content to amplify the impact of their street protests, ensuring that the party’s agenda reaches a global audience.

The useful idiots…

The Democratic Party’s ability to engage young activists has been a driving force behind their successful digital mobilizations. Young people who are often influenced by the need to escape boredom, engage with a group of accepting people to supplement their digital life with human interaction or offset their lack of personal accomplishment by affiliating with a cause greater than themselves. 

Hamas and their supporters suit the progressive communist democrat’s agenda

Now that the Black Lives Matter movement has been discredited as a legitimate civil rights movement willing to take to the streets to seemingly advocate against racial injustice and police violence while raising hundreds of millions of missing dollars, the progressive communist democrats need another hardcore replacement. A group unafraid to use limited violent street tactics and intimidation to gain media attention as they sow chaos and fear throughout the United States to advance the American Marxist agenda.
Since Antifa is too small and comprised chiefly of attention-seeking White wannabe anarchists, what better group to employ than actual Hamas terrorists and their supporters?

The Democrat’s favorite tactic: starting the narrative in the middle and ignoring the precipitating event…

Consider using a powerful posed Hamas-staged propaganda image to drive the false narrative of "moral equivalency."


Notice that the propaganda message seeks to generate a powerful emotional response while never mentioning it was Hamas that planned and deliberately executed the terrorist savagery that saw Israeli children dismembered before their parents, parents, and children tied together and burned alive and children beheaded in their beds. Israel’s policy is to not publicize the butchery of its citizens, unlike Hamas, which filmed much of the murder and mayhem, which they proudly shared with other Gazans. The majority of Gazans supported Hamas in governing Gaza and celebrated the terrorist attack on innocent Israeli men, women, and children.

Much of what we are reading in the media is Hamas propaganda, tacitly approved by media outlets that openly serve as the propaganda arm of the progressive communist democrats.

Here, we see the anti-Semitic, Jew-hating Democrat Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez (D-NY) calling for a premature ceasefire that would allow the terrorist Hamas government to remain in place, re-arm, and re-group to attack again. And before Hamas releases the hostages and ceases random rocket attacks on Israeli citizens. Where is her call to condemn the Palestinian supporters of terrorists who are clogging New York streets?


Hamas must be destroyed. That they hide behind civilians, primarily women and children, makes them liable for any collateral damage. 

Bottom line…

For Israel, it’s a matter of survival; for the Democrats, it’s power politics and business as usual.

Please don’t delude yourself; the progressive communist democrats do not care about our Constitution, the Rule of Law, your right to self-protection, the culture clash between 12th-century barbarism and Western civilization, the Jews or the Muslims; they care only about gaining and maintaining political power and defeating their political rivals, former President Donald Trump in particular.

So their use of actual domestic terrorists and their “useful idiot” supporters should shock nobody except those who cannot believe that American Jews would join their sworn enemies to support the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel, the de facto last refuge of Jews on the planet.

To say that we appear to be majorly screwed by the progressive communist democrats is an understatement, especially after seeing the destruction they have wrought from within the domestic political system. The Democrats cannot be relied on to protect America, let alone Israel, which they despise. 

It is time to stand up for your inalienable rights, our Constitution, and our friends in Israel.


-- Steve

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