Look around; the signs of America’s decay are everywhere. Mostly in areas governed by progressive communist democrats who place political power over people. Exclaiming we must destroy society first before we can "build back better."


Suppose you want to understand the destruction of America from within by the progressive communist democrats. In that case, this is the one book you must read, understand, and motivate yourself to take action -- before our country becomes just another failed third-world state like Mexico, a nation with abundant natural resources, a willing workforce, and a malignant communist government.


From Chapter One…

America is unraveling. Our founding and history are under assault. Our families and faiths are being degraded. Individualism has been substituted for groupism. Color blindness is now racist. Capitalism and prosperity are being devoured by economic socialism and climate-change fanaticism. Classrooms have become indoctrination mills for racism, segregation, bigotry, and sexual perversion, and teachers’ unions are hostile to parental involvement in critical decisions about the health and welfare of their children.

In America, free speech and academic freedom are shrinking, and the police state is growing—as is monitoring and spying on citizens. The government is banning and regulating more and more household products, from incandescent lightbulbs to dishwashers, while creating shortages and driving up costs of others. Crime is out of control on our streets, public transportation, and schools, while police budgets are slashed and many prosecutors and judges coddle violent criminals. Our borders are wide open to millions of foreigners who seek entry into the country, as drug and criminal cartels ship killer drugs into our country by the tons and brutalize migrants by using them as indentured servants and sex slaves. And the list goes on.

[OCS: Tell me this is not all true, one-hundred percent accurate, and a condemnation of the Democratic Party and their Republican enablers.]

Chapter One:     The Democrat Party & Authoritarianism
Chapter Two:     Anti-Black Racism & Anti-Semitism
Chapter Three:  Anti-White Racism & Anti-Semitism
Chapter Four:    Language Control & Thought Control
Chapter Five:     War on the American Citizen
Chapter Six:       War on the Nuclear Family
Chapter Seven:  War on the Constitution
Chapter Eight:   Stalin Would Be Proud

About The Author

Mark R. Levin, nationally syndicated talk radio host, host of LevinTV, chairman of Landmark Legal Foundation, and the host of the Fox News show Life, Liberty, & Levin, is the author of seven consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers: Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia, The Liberty Amendments, Plunder and Deceit, Rediscovering Americanism, Unfreedom of the Press, and American Marxism. Liberty and Tyranny spent three months at #1 and sold more than 1.5 million copies. His books Men in Black and Rescuing Sprite were also New York Times bestsellers. Levin is an inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame and was a top adviser to several members of President Ronald Reagan’s cabinet. He holds a BA from Temple University and a JD from Temple University Law School.

Title:                       The Democrat Party Hates America
Author:                   Mark R. Levin

Publisher ‏: ‎             Simon & Schuster Threshold Editions 
Publication date ‏: ‎ September 19, 2023
Language ‏:             ‎ English
Print length ‏: ‎         400 pages
ISBN-10‏: ‎                 150118315X
ISBN-13:                  9781501183157

Hardcover ISBN-10‏ : ‎ 150118315X
Hardcover ISBN-13‏ : ‎ 978-1501183157


Bottom line…

There is very little time to reverse course, to excise this metastasizing malignancy before it consumes you, me, and America.

I am not saying that voting Republican will solve all problems immediately. Still, it will halt the progressive communist democrats before they can complete the task of destroying America from within.

For those Democrats who may have a shred of decency left, look around and ask is this what you want for your children or yourself in the near future?

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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