Yes, the signal that former progressive communist democrat President Barack Obama and his cadre of anti-America acolytes are fully in charge of the White House.

How else can you explain the aberrant behavior of President Joe Biden on 9/11, a day of infamy when we were attacked by Saudi-supported terrorists in an event rivaling the scurrilous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941?

There Biden stands, not in New York City, at the Pentagon, or at the Philadelphia site where Americans died— but in Alaska, a state far removed from now sacred sites.

Handing over billions to “Death to America” Iran, an enemy Islamic terrorist state that has killed Americans and thanking the Saudis, of all countries, on this date for their $20 billion contribution to Biden’s global infrastructure initiative targeted at global warming and wealth redistribution. And telling a lie that he was at the New York attack site the next day. No, he was on the floor of the Senate giving a speech televised by CSPAN.

You can’t blame Biden himself as he barely made it through his preplanned speech before being shuffled off by his handlers.

This is all on his Obama-directed handlers. A middle finger to America and all Americans.

Let’s not forget that the intelligence agencies, our federal law enforcement agencies, and the State Department were all tightly controlled by the Obama administration and ultimately responsible for the poisoning of our government institutions, domestic spying, and criminal interference with a presidential election. These agencies weren’t protecting Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, they were and are protecting Barack Obama. And, that was when the Obamacons weren’t stirring up racial animosity to divide Americans.

Classic misdirection! 

The excuse given by the White House Press Office was that, after 22 years, presidents stopped going to Hawaii to memorialize Pearl Harbor. Totally bullshit considering the distance and logistics moving between Washington and Hawaii and the distance between Washington and New York. 

Meanwhile, the professional liars in the White House Press office are loudly proclaiming that the money being released is not a ransom, but a routine prisoner swap. Of course, the liars refuse to name the high-value prisoners being released by the Biden Administration.

Iran crapping on America and celebrating 9/11…

Ayatollah Khamenei Marks $6 Billion 9/11 with Speech Celebrating America’s Demise

Iranian dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei celebrated the demise of “the arrogant power of America” in a speech in Tehran on Monday, the 22nd anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the U.S. homeland by radical Muslim terrorists.

Khamenei’s remarks, in which he celebrated that America “has weakened and will become weaker,” preceded a report by the Associated Press claiming on Monday that leftist American President Joe Biden agreed to waive sanctions on third-party countries to allow the transfer of $6 billion in frozen funds to Iran out of banks in South Korea – a further concession as part of a prisoner swap first reported in early August.

The initial reports on the deal suggested that the Iranian terrorist state would release five Americans in exchange for a “handful” of Iranian convicts in America and $6 billion, but the Americans in question have only been released out of the country’s notorious Evin prison into house arrest and are reportedly not free at press time. The reports, citing the Iranian mission to the United Nations, claimed the money would travel from South Korean banks to Qatar. The concessions reported on Monday are reportedly meant to facilitate that transfer by not punishing banks aiding the transfer for violating existing sanctions. <Source>

Let us not forget that it was pro-Islam President Obama that bypassed the Senate to conger up a deal that would allow Iran to become a nuclear power. The deal bypassing prudent enforceable inspections and placing no restrictions on the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike America and her allies. At the same time, denigrating and disparaging Israel, America’s only true ally in the region. 

Bottom line…

There was no compelling interest in giving $6 billion dollars to a state sponsor of terrorism or incentivizing the false detention of American citizens. 

The progressive communist democrats cannot be trusted with the safety and security of the United States and represent a clear and present danger to democracy as they continue to ignore the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law with their police-state tactics. 

We are so screwed if we do not elect an overwhelming GOP majority in 2024 — one that can overcome the “Republicans in Name Only” who jump the aisle to vote with the progressive communist democrats.

These are not the Democrats of my parent’s generation, America-loving, socially liberal well-meaning individuals, these are straight up communists, media propagandists, and their useful idiots.

— Steve




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