My computer has now had its operating system restored, software applications reloaded and tested, and everything is functional. Yet, I am majorly unhappy.

It appears that the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 “force” you into adopting Microsoft’s invasive infrastructure that goes beyond its routine telemetry surveillance system. Specifically, the newer installation demands that you create or login to a Microsoft account. The option to create a non-, or should I say less-invasive, “local account” has disappeared from the initial setup screen.

Mysteriously, your settings – including any stored passwords are automatically transferred from an unknown location in the cloud to its Edge Browser to the newly installed system. You find yourself connected to the company’s OneDrive cloud storage ecosystem, which is backing up your data in the background – including sensitive information. You suddenly find OneDrive incorporated into file paths, which can complicate file manipulation issues. Funny how my “free” teaser of 5 gigabytes of storage was filled with crap I would not typically save.

You are also plagued with the installation of Teams, the company’s collaboration effort, which must be removed manually from the startup folder.

You can no longer select which Office applications are installed locally; everything is loaded and taking up valuable space for programs you want by programs you will never use.

PrtScr (PrintScreen) functionality has changed as it now links to Microsoft's own program which inhibits my workflow.

I am pissed!

I have spent a significant amount of time and effort reloading my system and getting it functional. And I am about to flush it all away and reload my system again. This time, bypassing much of Microsoft’s nonsense by forcing the creation of a local account. The workaround is to turn off Wi-Fi at the first create login screen and hit the backspace option on the screen. This will force the creation of a local account, and you can load the operating system, reestablish your Wi-Fi connection to download the numerous updates, tweak various options, remove worthless cruft applications that are automatically installed, and then reinstall your applications programs.

Is it worth it? You bet!

There are a number of petty annoyances which you must work through, not to mention tweaking the settings of your application programs to reestablish your workflow.

Bottom line…

The tech tyrants are winning and it is only a matter of time until they force their  sick “woke” agenda down your throat— demanding you support the progressive communist democrats and their evil agenda.

Remember, all the big cloud service, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are all dependent on the government and employ former politicians and former NSA, CIA, and FBI agents in their security departments. 

Our freedom is rapidly eroding and few politicians support a digital bill of rights with strong sanctions against company executives who are all willing to use the company’s money to pay those “record” fines to the government rather than face personal consequences including prison time.

We must recapture the House, Senate, and Presidency with an unassailable majority mandate.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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