Once again, we find the execrable communist radical, Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten, the President of the American Federation of Teachers, pursuing her union’s agenda to force the government to curtail or eliminate the twin evils of “parental rights” and “school choice.”

In an interview with Northeastern University’s Burnes Center for Social Change senior fellow Seth D. Harris, Weingarten noted, “I was kind of gobsmacked when I was talking to Southern Poverty Law Center, and they showed me the same words: ‘choice,’ ‘parental rights’ and attempts to divide parents versus teachers, and at that point, it was white parents versus other parents. But it’s the same kind of words..”

Setting aside the blatant dishonesty and racial grifting of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Weingarten’s attempt to racialize and stigmatize the issue of parental rights and school choice is abominable.

Weingarten conflates actions taken by a genuinely evil union with their relatively innocent membership, many of whom are bullied into union membership and have little or nothing to say about the union’s almost exclusive political support of progressive communist democrats. It has never been about parents versus teachers, as most parents respect individual teachers and are grateful for their efforts.

The idea that the school owns your children and their decisions supersede parental rights is just another communist opportunity to destroy the nuclear family and to pursue a fundamental tenet of communism where children are wards of the state.

At least as recounted 13 years ago by Jason Riley, writing in the Wall Street Journal, history points out the dismal failure of a unionized educational system.

“Just 2,000 of the nation's 20,000 high schools produce almost half of all high-school dropouts. But nearly half of all black high-school students wind up in one of these "dropout factories." The prospects for black males who don't graduate are not good, quite aside from lower lifetime earnings. The sadder reality is that 60% of all black male high-school dropouts in their mid-30s have prison records.” <Source>

And it doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. The teachers’ unions still fight testing teaching competency and subject matter knowledge and have lowered the bar on standardized teaching scores to hide the failure of a heavily unionized school system to educate, rather than indoctrinate, children.

Ignoring the obvious…

  1. Education is the great equalizer, a pathway to success that knows no bounds.

  2. School choice encourages healthy competition among educational institutions. When schools know that parents are presented with alternative educational choices, they are motivated to improve the quality of their teaching efforts.

  3. Parents are encouraged to find schools that align with their children’s unique abilities, learning needs, and aspirations.

  4. Minority families with the means to escape failing schools and seek out more effective institutions are narrowing the racial or ethnic disparities that are often exploited for political and funding purposes.

Bottom line…

School choice is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it undeniably offers numerous benefits for minority students and their families.

Parental rights are inalienable, not granted or governed by government fiat.

Weingarten’s efforts to label anyone who disagrees with her union’s communist agenda as an extremist or, as the government claimed, domestic terrorists, are abominable. 

Our children are our most precious resource and the future of our society; to let communist perverts like “Randi” Weingarten control their destiny is beyond morally reprehensible; it is criminal.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve







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