Someone is crazy, and it isn’t me…

I cannot believe that billionaire Bill Gates, reputed to be a brilliant individual, would let his Seattle, Washington, liberal roots cloud his judgment and overpower both his intellect and common sense.

Consider the facts as we currently understand them…

  1. Global warming is a construct concocted by globalists to gain and maintain political power.

  2. Man cannot directly measure his impact on global climate amid the natural variability of climate and the nature of long climate cycles.

  3. No optimum temperature exists, given the temperance variation between the equator and the polar regions. The raw data has been corrupted by nonsensical statistical manipulation and has become unreliable. The best data is relatively short-term satellite data which remains uncoupled by artificial manipulation.

  4. No force on Earth can overcome the natural drivers of climate change: the Sun’s energy output in all spectral bands, cosmic rays and cloud formation, the Earth’s position relative to the Sun, the Earth’s precessional and rotational dynamics, plate tectonics and vulcanology, the deep ocean currents, the internal dynamics of the Earth, and the most significant greenhouse gas of all” water vapor.

  5. The Earth has been hotter and colder, with more carbon dioxide and less carbon dioxide. The only reason the globalists are fixated on carbon dioxide and methane is that they are carbon-based as are fossil fuels which, if controlled, are the key to controlling economies. 

  6. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but an essential ingredient of life – necessary for plants and trees to produce life-sustaining oxygen.

Yet we find Bill Gates proposing to cut down living, healthy trees and burying the remains underground to lock up their carbon content.

This is sheer madness if not downright stupidity—with even the tree-hugging environmentalists decrying deforestation.

Did Gates fail junior high school science, where we learned living trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give us oxygen in return?

If you think I am kidding, consider this from MIT, one of the most prestigious schools of science and engineering



A stealth effort to bury wood for carbon removal has just raised millions

Kodama has raised more than $6 million from Bill Gates’ climate fund and other investors, as it pursues new ways to reduce wildfire risks and lock away carbon in harvested trees.

A California startup is pursuing a novel, if simple, plan for ensuring that dead trees keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere for thousands of years: burying their remains underground.

Kodama Systems, a forest management company based in the Sierra Nevada foothills town of Sonora, has been operating in stealth mode since it was founded last summer. But MIT Technology Review can now report the company has raised around $6.6 million from Bill Gates’s climate fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, as well as Congruent Ventures and other investors.

In addition, the payments company Stripe will reveal on Thursday that it’s provided a $250,000 research grant to the company and its research partner, the Yale Carbon Containment Lab, as part of a broader carbon removal announcement. That grant will support a pilot effort to bury waste biomass harvested from California forests in the Nevada desert and study how well it prevents the release of greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

A handful of research groups and startups have begun exploring the potential to lock up the carbon in wood, by burying or otherwise storing tree remains in ways that slow down decomposition.

Trees are naturally efficient at sucking down vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the air, but they release the carbon again when they die and rot on the ground. Sequestering trees underground could prevent this. If biomass burial works as well as hoped, it may provide a relatively cheap and easy way to pull down some share of the billions of tons of greenhouse gas that studies find may need to be removed to keep global temperatures in check in the coming decades. <Source>

It appears money talks, and bullshit follows.

Bottom line…

Bill Gates has nothing to lose. He is well-insulated from the consequences of his madness as he jets around the world, telling others how to live their lives.

I  don’t give a crap how brilliant Gates might be or how quick he absorbs information from his funding-biased scientist sources; he appears to have become a dangerous progressive communist democrat loon – an abortion-loving de-growther and a proponent of untested vaccines and artificial meat.

To even suggest that you might be willing to consider destroying over 70 million acres of trees and burying the remains to fight global warming is a mark of insanity that requires urgent medical intervention.

We are so screwed when rule-making politicians are willing to parrot Gates’ fever dream in return for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver in campaign funding. Or, is Bill Gates being coerced by the deep state?

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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