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While everybody is distracted by the corruption of Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), whose haul included actual gold bars and wads of cash stuffed in pockets, I was wondering about how many people consider the corruption inherent in the progressive communist democrat party whose proceeds drive both politicians and the political process? Including a cohort of Republican enablers.

How many developers, consultants, and non-governmental agencies feed off the homeless scam?

Yes, it is a scam, especially considering that the vast majority of homeless are hardcore drug addicts who prefer to live in an environment of minimal personal responsibility, easy access to drugs and paraphernalia, and the minimal consequences for low-level crimes like retail theft promoted by progressive politicians and prosecutors. I acknowledge that there is a number of mentally ill individuals in the mix, especially those dumped from other venues – including hospitals.

Is this a misguided liberal attempt to virtue signal their compassion, or something more malevolent? Look at the streets of major democrat-governed cities; how can this filth and lawlessness be allowed to impact law-abiding citizens and taxpayers? How did the uber-liberal cities of San Francisco and Santa Monica in California become cesspools? Could it be due to the Harvard-trained lawyers and progressive communist activists who are personally insulated from the consequences of their actions? It can’t be the money as billions of dollars wash through a corrupt system, promptly siphoned off to benefit politically connected players.

How did this massive disconnect from reality come about? 

How many people have noticed the culture shift over the past five years, beginning with an invasion force level horde of illegal aliens and combined with legislatures closing penal facilities, decriminalizing felonies, prosecutors claiming discretion not to prosecute, and activists judges demanding that hardcore criminals be dumped into our communities to relieve racial disparities and overcrowded facilities. Heaven forbid they acknowledge reality,  prosecute criminals of all backgrounds, and build additional facilities to handle the overflow.

Why are we releasing drug dealers selling life-ending heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and deadly fentanyl? Could the profits be filtering up to those who make and prosecute the laws? These problems are not unsolvable. 

Perhaps the answer is mandatory treatment and supplying users with one of the three maintenance drugs that help treat addiction: Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Methadone – perhaps for the rest of their lives, like one treats diabetes, high blood pressure, or other ailments, along with creating work programs to clean up our cities and treating drug gangs as domestic terrorists.

Bottom line… 

Our cities are becoming increasingly unsafe due to progressive communist democrats and their corrupt political agenda.

Where are our leaders who will stand up for our inalienable rights and have the moral courage to help those who can’t help themselves? They might be in the GOP as they certainly are not in the Democrat Party. Most likely, they are ordinary people in our communities that may rise to the occasion.

You almost have to admire Bob Menendez for his astonishing old-school corruption with no multiple bank accounts and no-purpose limited liability corporations.

This type of influence-peddling corruption is well understood, as is the more sophisticated influence-peddling of the Biden crime family.

What is insidious is the hidden corruption in everyday government programs that are bleeding us dry, collapsing social safety nets, and contributing to increasing chaos.

It’s time for an intervention – the upcoming 2024 election.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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