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If you doubt that progressive communist democrats will say or do anything to destroy America, its military, economy, culture, and people, consider what a second Biden term would look like under an administration effectively run by communist-in-chief Barack Obama’s fellow travelers.

Biden to Target Industrial Pollution in a 2nd Term, if He Gets One

If the president wins re-election, his climate team is likely to try to cut greenhouse gases from steel, cement and other hard-to-clean-up manufacturing.

If President Biden wins a second term, his climate policies would take aim at steel and cement plants, factories and oil refineriesheavily polluting industries that have never before had to rein in their heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

[OCS: The progressive communist democrats are targeting industries that fuel our economy and are responsible for almost all of our public infrastructure. This in an effort to control the uncontrollable -- the relentless, chaotic activities of a constantly changing nature.]

New controls on industrial facilities, which his advisers have begun to map out and described in recent interviews, could combine with actions taken on power plants and vehicles during his first term to help meet the president’s goal of eliminating fossil fuel pollution by 2050, analysts said. Industrialized nations must hit that target if the world has any hope to avoid the most catastrophic impacts from climate change, according to scientists.

[OCS: The is no doubt that progressive communist democrats want to limit the voluntary mobility of Americans, destroy the rural housing market, and force people into dense, easily monitored and controllable  housing units much like those found in the old Soviet Union. Consider the insanity of electric vehicles with the added burden wind and solar power on an increasingly unreliable electric grid .]

Still, the urgency of global warming requires action, Mr. Larsen said. “Most other problems in America aren’t going to be 10 times worse in 10 years if we don’t do something right now,” he said. “Climate’s not like that. If this year has shown us anything, with the extreme weather and fires, it’s that it won’t just stay at this level — it’s going to break all the records we’ve just broken.” <Source>

[OCS: John Larsen, a partner at the leftist Rhodium Group, a self-proclaimed nonpartisan energy research firm, cannot answer even the basic questions about climate change. Scientists do not fully understand the climate system. They can’t directly measure man’s climate signal amid the noise of climate’s inherent variability. They cannot explain how there is an optimum temperature that would be suitable for latitudes from the equator to the polar regions. It’s a scam – a hoax designed to accrete political power and loot treasuries.]

Bottom line…

Consider the unions, the communist Judas goats leading their members to the slaughter, like the union leader of the Turkeys pointing out all of the free food available – and never mentioning the existence of Thanksgiving.

Consider the GOP, at war with themselves while the progressive communist democrats march us all into the gulag.

Consider how screwed we are.


-- Steve

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