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Now that Mitt Romney has announced his intention not to seek reelection as Utah’s Junior United States senator, not that he could have won his race, perhaps it is time to consider all he has done to America.

There is no doubt in my mind that Romney, the feckless, gutless, double-dealing hypocrite, is the single individual, other than John McCain, most responsible for the damage the progressive communist democrats have wreaked on the United States, primarily because of his failure to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

While Romney identified as a “conservative Republican,” his actions betrayed him more as a moderate Democrat, willing to jump across the aisle and advance a progressive communist democrat agenda in the Democrat-majority state of Massachusetts.

A duplicitous chameleon who adopted a “red” color when pushing Massachusetts’s “Romneycare,” based on the failed “Hillarycare” proposal, and the precursor to Barack Obama’s “Obamacare.” Passed with a dishonest sleight-of-hand financing trick authored by Massachusetts Senator Ted “Killer” Kennedy.

Had it not been for Romney’s elitist, above-it-all, gentlemanly tone and his failure to fight back against the presidential candidacy of John McCain in 2008, we would see the election of Barack Obama – an out-an-out America-hating communist who went on to divide America along racial lines.

In 2012, Romney’s second presidential campaign, he, again, failed miserably to defeat incumbent President Barack Obama, who was fundamentally transforming America into a European-style socialist society as he pushed toward perpetual political power on behalf of the progressive communist democrats.

Bottom line…

Here is a man who had it all. He was from a wealthy family, deeply grounded in religion, well-educated with a Harvard MBA and a Harvard law degree, and well-experienced as a business turnaround specialist – but he lacked the intestinal fortitude to overcome obstacles and fight his opposition.

The reason I am pissed is: one, he gave us four more years of Obama’s communist leadership and a deeply entrenched communist bureaucracy;  two, his position as an “establishment” Republican and his failure to fight encroaching communism while a Senator; and three, here is a man I supported as a turning point to help restore sanity to a wounded federal government.

Listening to the progressive communist democrats praise Romney makes me want to throw up.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve


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