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September 6, 2023
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There is no doubt in my mind that the progressive communist democrats, their media propagandists, and the government-coerced tech oligarchs are all becoming a clear and present danger to America.

We saw what Amazon did to the free speech platform Parler, while hosting competitor Twitter — whose radical, subversive, and obscene content was far worse than the content carried by Parler.

Moreover, Twitter silenced those legitimate credentialed medical voices discussing medical information we now know to be true or the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s laptop which we now know was not a Russian disinformation operation. We also know that our government was complicit in censoring accurate information and canceling dissident voices.

So I ask, Why would you allow such an organization to maintain your medical records, provide healthcare, or, in this case, control your life-dependent drug supply?

IMG_0824Bottom Line…

Isn’t it about time we stopped handing the progressive communist democrats a loaded gun to be used on behalf of an increasingly authoritarian and tyrannical government?

We are so screwed.

— Steve

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