There is no doubt in my mind that entrepreneur Elon Musk is a financial P.T. Barnum, a promoter par excellence whose accomplishments are truly amazing. However, he lives in a precarious financial condition with cross-collateralized enterprises and is deeply indebted to the government as he relies on contracts, grants, subsidies, and regulatory and tax relief.

So, it is natural for my cynical self to wonder if X, formerly known as Twitter, will continue to interfere with the 2024 election and Administration initiatives.

Elon Musk cedes control after controversial behavior…

Linda-1Who is Linda Yaccarino?

She appears to be an establishment media type with uber-liberal swampy bona fides.

Yaccarino worked for Turner Entertainment for close to 20 years, becoming executive vice president and chief operating officer of ad sales where she helped develop new advertising and marketing strategies. Yaccarino joined NBCUniversal in October 2011. As the head of NBCUniversal's advertising sales, she played a key role in the launch of Peacock streaming service.

Yaccarino joined the Ad Council in 2014. 2018 President Donald Trump appointed her to the President's Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. Yaccarino became chair of the Ad Council's board of directors in January 2021, for a term that ran until June 30, 2022. As chair, Yaccarino partnered with the Biden administration in 2021 to create a coronavirus vaccine campaign that featured Pope Francis. She also chaired the Future of Work task force for the World Economic Forum (WEF). <Source>

Gearing up for a repeat of censorship and cancellation?

Musk's X seeks job applicants to stop disinformation, promote 'credible' election stories

X is seeking job applicants for two positions on its threat disruption team who are "passionate about protecting users from global disinformation" and "helping people find credible information online" in the context of elections.

Team leader Aaron Rodericks not only touts his profile on X rival BlueSky in his X bio, but is actively recruiting applicants through a subscription newsletter on disinformation that includes unflattering coverage of Musk, raising the question how involved the mercurial South African remains in his company.

Critics of the allegedly coercive relationship between social media companies and federal agencies quickly flagged the jobs as "censorship positions," in the words of former State Department cyber official Mike Benz, whose Foundation for Freedom Online critically researches public-private efforts against purported misinformation.

Social media analyst Kristen Ruby, whom Benz agrees first brought the job listings to wider attention, noted in February that Musk-owned Twitter still had its recently renamed civic integrity misleading information policy.

It authorizes X to remove, throttle and label "content that may suppress participation" as well as "mislead" about civic processes, cause "confusion" or contain "satirical or humorous elements."

<Read more at JustTheNews>

Certainly, Twitter is guilty of censoring information that clearly suppressed participation when it killed stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop, including significant information that a presidential candidate was a foreign agent—and promoted false and misleading stories that branded another candidate as a foreign agent—all with the assistance of “government sources” and Twitter employees with former government positions.

Bottom line…

There is no doubt in my mind that the progressive communist democrats will repeat part of the 2020 election playbook, including a medical panic that keeps people home and voting by mail rather than in-person. They are already using so-called non-partisan non-profits to register voters in heavily Democrat precincts and to harvest ballots after the fact.

We are so screwed. Stay vigilant and involved. It is your country they are trying to steal.

-- Steve 

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