One might assume that in a nation as large as the United States, the two major political parties could find at least a few qualified, experienced, competent, well-educated, well-spoken, and somewhat telegenic candidates who did not hate America, especially when faced with a rematch between two unpopular nominees, one of which may have sold out the United States to foreign hostile powers.

It is not uncommon in today’s elections to find ourselves facing decisions where the candidates range from bad to worse and where the choice between unfavorable options can be both tempting and deceptive, highlighting the fallacy of assuming that choosing the lesser of two evils is a step towards the preservation of our nation’s core values. But it is all a sad illusion masking our endorsement of an undesirable outcome.

When faced with an electoral choice between bad and worse, we become trapped in a tunnel that only considers the immediate consequences rather than long-term needs as we focus on avoiding the immediate pain of knowing we are screwing ourselves and our nation.

It is essential that we recognize that while one option might be slightly less odious, it doesn't necessarily mean that it aligns with our need for honest representation.

Bottom line…

Everybody is wondering whether a corrupt, traitorous President Joe Biden and his cadre of Obama-selected progressive communist democrats can survive the climate catastrophe of a category-five shitstorm.

The chattering class suggesting that the Democrats would embrace either former First Lady Michelle Obama or a more “moderate” California Governor Gavin Newsom. They present people with a choice between a radical communist with deep ties to the scandal-ridden Obama Administration or the man completing former Governor Jerry Brown’s destruction of California. Both would be disasters.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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