Another day, another update…

Today’s hiatus from politics is brought to you courtesy of Microsoft and their infamously crappy update process which scrambled a portion of their equally dodgy Windows 10 operating system.

I use backup and recovery software and perform a nightly backup, saving critical legal or financial files to another location when created.

So, when this minor annoyance struck, I attempted to repair the system but couldn’t get the system to do anything after logon but display a black screen with a flashing system tray at the bottom.

I tried an alternate account login and booting into safe mode, but no joy was found in either effort.

I booted my system from a bootable removable drive with recovery software and set about backing up the damaged system in situ for further investigation. This is an extremely time-consuming process.

After the hours-long process, it is my intention to copy some selected directories to an external drive before restoring yesterday’s validated backup. Then, on to restoring select data files to bring the system current to today — and soldier on after another backup. 

UPDATE: Validated backups indicating corrupt index — new plan required.

In the meantime, I will do some further research on Vivek Ramaswamy, who I believe is an opportunistic poseur kissing Donald Trump’s ass for a position in his Administration if he should win. Otherwise, boost his own name brand which he will use to monetize his ventures. In my opinion, he appears to be an inexperienced man not to be trusted with our nation’s affairs.

Bottom line…

M$hit happens and we are so screwed.

— Steve

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