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Once again, we find our corrupt politicians plotting to extort more tax money from consumers without considering violating our constitutional rights…

Welcome to Utah’s Road Usage Charge Program

Utah roads are maintained using taxes from gasoline sales. As vehicles become more fuel efficient and the number of electric vehicles grows, the Utah Department of Transportation and Division of Motor Vehicles is changing to a per-mile fee as a way for drivers to pay their portion of roadway operations and maintenance.

Utah’s Road Usage Charge Program is voluntary for electric vehicle owners. UDOT and DMV have contracted with emovis to operate the program. The choice is yours.

[OCS: The loss of your rights almost always starts as a voluntary program supported by government bureaucrats, the corporatized media, unions, foundations, vendors, and useful idiots. The choice is usually between pay me now or pay me later.]

During the 2018 Legislative session, lawmakers instituted an alternative fuel vehicle fee to cover a portion of those vehicles’ contribution to building and maintaining Utah’s transportation system. ​This fee is in addition to the annual vehicle registration fee assessed on all vehicles in the State​. Utah’s Road Usage Charge provides a choice for owners of alternative fuel vehicles to pay by the mile in lieu of paying the alternative fuel vehicle fee.

[OCS: You will pay a “fuel tax” even though you don’t use fossil fuels.]

  1. Enroll -- To enroll, you will create an account with emovis, the third-party commercial account manager. You will need your vehicle information and a valid credit or debit card to set up a prepaid wallet. You will sign a user agreement with emovis and they will send you a device to place in the vehicle to report mileage.

    [OCS: Fascism is where the government exercises significant control over the economy, often in collaboration with or through the manipulation of private companies. You will provide an interest-free loan to the government or emovis as your funds will be sequestered in an electronic wallet – the beginning of government-regulated currency. The government could change the rates, implement retroactive charges, or drain your account without notice. Notice they do not mention fines, penalties, and withdrawal details. Emovis is not an American company but incorporated under the laws of France – and outside of U.S. law.]

  2. Install -- When you receive the OBD mileage reporting device, install it in the OBD port of your vehicle to fully activate your account. You will also need to download a smartphone app to record an initial odometer reading. You will create an account in the app separate from the online portal with emovis.

    [OCS: The device they send is a black box, so you do not know what data they collect and transmit. Additionally, you will be required to use a smartphone app that further uploads information and represents a clear and present security threat.]

  3. Drive -- You will pay 1.00 cents per mile, deducted from the prepaid wallet, up to the amount of the flat fee. Enrolling in Utah’s Road Usage Charge program gives you access to DriveSync® for Utah DOT an app that makes your driving safer and more productive through trip tracking and driving reports.

    [OCS: It is not unreasonable to believe that insurance company lobbyists will pay off the legislature to access this information and possibly your speed/braking habits to set rates. Or automated speeding tickets, congestion pricing for specific areas, etc. Notice that emovis has several products, including toll-tracking and enforcement.]


Utah is not the only state flirting with grabbing your money and personal data. Oregon, Washington, California, and Michigan are some of the states on the bandwagon. Several insurance companies are now using OBD (On-board diagnostics) systems to monitor your driving and set rates.

Hidden Dangers of Mandatory Electronic Systems in Vehicles.

How many people remember when General Motors' On-Star division lied to the public regarding privacy issues and their system’s capabilities? Only after they were caught in a court battle did we find that On-Star systems could activate in-car microphones to monitor your private conversations—a capability known and used by law enforcement for surveillance. 

While the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, ensuring that individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their "persons, houses, papers, and effects," its interpretation relative to modern technology and data collection, including uploaded GPS location data, is murky at best.

The glitch lies in the concept of the "third-party doctrine" When individuals voluntarily share information with third parties, they automatically lose some expectation of privacy in that information. The doctrine" has been cited in several cases related to electronic data collected and stored by service providers. And then there are those unilateral “terms of service” agreements where you waive all of your rights, even if a company is knowingly negligent and causes you material harm.

The ongoing real-time transmission of location data from vehicles equipped with mandatory GPS systems places this data in the hands of third parties, such as service providers or government agencies tasked with managing traffic, and thus may not be constitutionally protected, leading to surveillance without a warrant based on probable cause.

Bottom line…

There is no doubt in my mind that the progressive communist democrats who rule the State of California with an iron fist want to eliminate private vehicles and force everyone to live in dense housing clusters. They refuse to repair or build out our freeway system as they implement more and more surveilled toll roads to generate "vehicle-related" tax revenues.

We need stronger privacy laws that severely punish government agencies, employees, and their designated agencies for illegally accessing or using your personal and private data – with the penalty money flowing to individuals, not back into the state or federal treasury. Likewise, we need to nullify those arbitration clauses that protect large companies from class-action lawsuits.

We are undoubtedly living in a corrupt police surveillance state where the Constitution and the rule of law are nearly dead.

We must bring corrupt politicians to heel – and curb the government’s encroachment on our freedoms.

We are so screwed.


-- Steve

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