FlaggunA reminder: The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1791, states: "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Our Second Amendment is under attack by the progressive communist democrats and their RINO (Republican In Name Only) co-conspirators.

Be Vigilant!

Here are the common gun control reasons used to drive government gun control policy…

    1. Public Safety: The government has a primary responsibility to ensure public safety and protect their citizens, fearing that widespread gun ownership leads to an increase in gun-related suicides, accidents, homicides, or other violent crimes and that gun possession increases the potential for misuse, accidental discharge, or theft of firearms which poses an unacceptable risk to public safety. Given the number of weapons in the United States, this a statistically questionable.

    2. Crime Prevention: The government believes restricting access to firearms can help deter or reduce crime rates, arguing that fewer guns in private hands would make it more difficult for criminals to acquire firearms, leading to a safer society overall. This is an outright lie, as assailants will use any means accessible to attack their victims.

    3. Law Enforcement: The presence of guns in private hands complicates law enforcement efforts where officers may face increased risks during routine interactions, and the presence of weapons often escalates situations and result in more violence. The media have brainwashed today’s officers to be overly fearful and thus likely to react with deadly force. In many cases, police are loud, obscene, and obnoxious, provoking responses from suspects who may believe, rightfully or wrongfully, that their life is at risk.

    4. Social Instability: The government worries that widespread gun ownership could contribute to social unrest or political instability. They fear that armed individuals or groups could challenge their authority or engage in armed rebellion, potentially disrupting the functioning of society. Yet, the progressive communist democrats who control government did little or nothing to respond to armed “progressive” hooligans who rioted, looted, burned public and private property, and committed murder and mayhem while arresting and jailing unarmed citizens protesting a corrupted election. The government did virtually nothing as $2 billion in assets disappeared.

    5. Accidental Injuries and Deaths: The government is concerned about the risk of unintentional injuries or deaths resulting from the mishandling or improper storage of firearms. This concern is particularly relevant for children or individuals who may not have the necessary training or experience to handle firearms safely. It is the height of craziness to hold millions of people accountable for the accidental consequences of a statistically irrelevant few. Considering deaths from vehicle accidents caused by stringent fuel restrictions which mandate lighter vehicles, unintentional gun deaths are negligible. Yes, gun accidents are a tragedy, especially when children are involved, but that’s life.

    6. Suicide Prevention: The government claims that more accessible access to guns leads to increased suicides, especially during moments of crisis or emotional distress. The government is not responsible for the mental health of citizens. It cannot prevent suicides, be they gun-related, building or bridge-related, vehicle-related, drug-related, or even cop-related.

    7. Public Health: The government views gun violence as a public health issue and a means to enforce restrictions on private gun ownership, ostensibly as a preventive measure to reduce firearms-related injuries and deaths. This is a bogus argument, as every facet of living could be controlled under the guise of “public health.”

What the government does not say about gun control is more telling…

    1. A weapon is a tool, a force multiplier that can be used for good or evil depending on the user's intent. Empowering the weak and physically challenged to stand up to stronger single or multiple assailants.

    2. The number of law-abiding gun owners greatly outweighs those miscreants, criminals, crazies, and terrorists who neither respect the law nor follow its prohibitions.

    3. Most gun issues are related to suicides, drug-related crimes, and crimes perpetrated disproportionately by minorities in specific geographical areas.

    4. The real issue the government refuses to address is crime control, not gun control.

    5. The government's primary responsibility for public safety does not translate into a specific legal duty to protect any particular individual from harm or to provide personal security to each citizen unless you are in government custody at the time of the assault.

    6. Law enforcement agencies have limited resources and cannot be everywhere at all times when they are needed to prevent every attack on your person and property.

    7. Law enforcement is reactive, not proactive, responding to the scene after the fact, which is of little comfort to the victims of an attack. 

    8. Individual Self-Defense: The Second Amendment guarantees an individual's inalienable right to self-defense and a fundamental right to possess firearms for protection against threats to their personal safety and property.

    9. And the greatest fear of any regime is that an armed citizenry acts as a natural law safeguard against government tyranny involving the abuse of authority by government and its officials, resulting in the suppression of freedom, individual liberties, the violation of human rights, and the undermining of democratic principles.

And here are the latest attempts to backdoor gun control…

Throughout history, fascist governments have sought to consolidate power and control various aspects of society by using private industry to advance their agendas, leveraging their resources, influence, and capabilities to further fascist political, economic, and social objectives.

Today, we see the progressive communist democrats using financial pressure and partnerships to influence private industry to advance their gun control agenda by leveraging public funds, grants, or contracts, and tax and regulatory relief to incentivize companies to adopt specific anti-gun policies aligned with government objectives. This includes measures such as restricting sales to specific venues, implementing enhanced background checks, and increasing the cost of firearms through taxation or fees.

  1. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are used to exert control over private corporations, namely denying the availability of public sector financing controlled by large asset managers like BlackRock, Vanguard Group, State Street Global Advisors, Fidelity Investments, and others who control billions or even trillions of dollars who can base their investment decisions on how a corporation adheres to so-called artificial ESG scores which may prioritize elements of the government’s agenda.

  2. Restrictive Lending and Financial Services where financial institutions, including banks and credit card companies, are shaping their lending and financial service policies to indirectly influence gun control efforts by selectively refusing loans or credit to businesses in the firearms industry. By limiting access to capital, these institutions can create financial hardships and drive firearms and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, and retailers out of business.

  3. Insurance Premium Increases and Coverage Restrictions where insurance companies indirectly influence gun control by imposing higher premiums or limiting coverage for policyholders who own firearms. This approach can increase gun owners' costs, making exercising their Second Amendment rights financially burdensome. Insurance providers may argue that the increased risks associated with firearm ownership justify the higher premiums, but this approach can disproportionately impact law-abiding gun owners. Additionally, insurance companies may restrict coverage for liability claims related to firearm accidents or self-defense incidents, creating an additional barrier for gun owners seeking protection against potential legal or financial consequences.

  4. Digital Dollars allow the government or its agents to directly prohibit goods and services that do not support their agenda.

Bottom line…

Our nation and way of life are under attack by the progressive communist democrats.

Unless we protect our liberty, freedom, constitution, and way of life, we are screwed.

-- Steve


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