Napoleon Bonaparte, who was thought to have said, "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence," never dealt with the progressive communist democrats who are more than willing to destroy our nation to rebuild it and its people in an image that can never exit.

Undoubtedly, America is an industrialized nation, with most people driving pickups in furtherance of their trade rather than social status signaling. So, it should come as no surprise that the progressive communist democrats, in an attempt to reduce America’s industrial capacity, would deliberately turn to electric vehicles to mitigate the effects of climate change, an overblown hysteria regarding the natural variability of climate.

Unfortunately, electric pickup trucks are little more than playthings for dilettantes or virtue-signaling fools who do not rely on the capacity of their vehicles to haul heavy loads over long distances.


AAA Study: EVs Lose Significant Range When Hauling Heavy Cargo

A new study from the AAA Automotive Engineering research team finds that electric vehicles (EVs) lose a significant amount of range when loaded with heavy cargo.

The study tested the Ford F-150 Lightning, a popular electric pickup truck, and found that its range dropped by 24.5% (from 278 miles to 210) when loaded with 1,400 pounds of sandbags - 110 pounds shy of its maximum capacity.  For context, 1,400 pounds is the same as hauling around 70 bags of mulch or 20 bags of concrete mix.

"This study is important for broadening our understanding of the limitations of electric vehicles,” said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson for AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Range anxiety remains a top reason consumers are hesitant to switch from gasoline-powered vehicles to EVs. While this study may heighten concerns, it’s worth remembering that excess weight reduces fuel economy in gas-powered vehicles too.”

"Our testing revealed a significant range reduction, but it’s important to note that the Lightning was loaded to near its maximum capacity," said Greg Brannon, director of AAA Automotive Engineering. "Most buyers will likely use their Lightning with a lighter load, resulting in a much smaller range reduction."

Refer to the full report for methodology details, including specific testing equipment and test track characteristics. <Source>

What’s wrong with electric pickups? Let me count the ways…

  1. Limited range: One of the primary concerns with electric pickup trucks is their limited driving range compared to traditional vehicles. While the range may improve over time, electric pickups still have a lower range than their gasoline or diesel counterparts, limiting their utility for long-distance travel or off-road job sites without access to charging infrastructure.

  2. Charging infrastructure: The availability and accessibility of charging stations are crucial for electric pickup trucks, which like any other tool, must be utilitarian and cost-effective. Although the charging network is expanding, it is still not as extensive as gasoline stations. And they are growing more crowded each day, considering the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle. Since you cannot transport electricity as easily as a five-gallon jerry can of gas or diesel fuel, you may be stranded for long periods of time or face exorbitant towing costs. Let us not forget the “California Warning” about charging your vehicles on high grid usage days. Not everyone can charge their vehicles in the middle of the night.

  3. Charging time: Charging an electric pickup truck takes significantly longer than refueling a traditional truck. Even with fast-charging options, charging a large battery pack can take several hours. This can be inconvenient for drivers who need quick refueling stops during long journeys or commercial truck operators who need to maximize uptime.

  4. Towing and payload capacity: Electric pickup trucks face limitations in towing and payload capacity due to the added weight of batteries. Electric pickups are no match for the higher capacities of their gasoline or diesel counterparts. Additionally, as noted above, hauling heavy loads over long distances can significantly reduce the driving range of electric vehicles.

  5. Price: Electric pickup trucks tend to have a higher upfront cost than traditional trucks, especially considering that government programs subsidize most electric vehicles.

  6. Battery degradation and replacement: Over time, lithium-ion batteries used in electric pickup trucks experience degradation, resulting in reduced range and performance, not to mention multi-thousand-dollar large battery pack replacements. Back-loaded costs mean that the secondary market for used vehicles will be minimal and long-life spans almost non-existent. Lithium-ion batteries do not do well in extremely hot or cold climates, severely limiting battery performance.

  7. Limited model availability: Electric pickup trucks are relatively limited compared to traditional trucks. Considering the market entry of manufacturers without extensive vehicle engineering and maintenance experience, buying a vehicle from an unknown vendor may be a crap shoot.

  8. Catastrophic accidents: Industrial or commercial electric pickup trucks may face additional risks and insurance costs due to the weight distribution, handling characteristics, and the possibility of a “thermal runaway,” a nearly unquenchable fire.

  9. The myth: When considered carefully, the materials used to create electric vehicles are more damaging to the environment than “smog-mitigated” vehicles.

Bottom line…

Regarding electric pickup trucks, the political insanity of progressive communist democrats knows no bounds as it is characterized by irrationality, extreme behavior, and faulty decision-making.

  • The ideological extremism of progressives creates electric pickup scenarios detached from reality or fails to consider the complexities of the real world.

  • Persistent repetition of failed policies -- progressive communist democrats continue to implement and support policies that have proven ineffective and harmful, despite evidence to the contrary.

  • Denial of factual information -- progressives reject, disregard, and censor well-established facts, scientific evidence, or expert consensus except those favoring progressive communist democrat political agendas.

  • Lack of accountability -- after repeatedly failing, progressives refuse to take responsibility for their decisions and actions and avoid transparency and oversight mechanisms that apply checks and balances to a corrupt system.

  • Manipulation and propaganda -- when selling the concept of electric pickup trucks, progressives engage in deceptive practices, misinformation, or propaganda to manipulate public opinion at the expense of truth and integrity.

We are so screwed if we continue to listen to these progressive communist democrat schmucks.

-- Steve

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