Once again, administrative agencies are advancing a progressive communist democrat agenda that weakens our nation and its citizens.

With a lack of democratic accountability and usurping the constitutional lawmaking role of Congress, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is proposing a rule limiting the amount of carbon monoxide portable gas generators can emit. The commission has admitted that 95 percent of portable gas generators on the market may not comply with its new standard without significant re-engineering.


On April 20, 2023, the Commission published an SNPR [Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking] in the Federal Register, proposing to issue a modified safety standard for portable generators under the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA; 15 U.S.C. 2051–2089), and seeking written comments. 88 FR 24346. The SNPR seeks to address the unreasonable risk of injury and death associated with acute carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from portable generators. The proposed rule limits CO emissions from portable generators and requires generators to shut off when specified emission levels are reached.  <Source>

It should be noted that even though the agency solicits public comments during the rulemaking process, the level of public input is often limited to involved companies, lobbyists, and activists. The general public does not read the Federal Register and is often intimidated by the process and excluded by the formal rulemaking process.

There is no doubt that the lack of portable gas generators is not only dangerous but also reduces the resiliency of America and Americans…

The demand for reliable and uninterrupted electricity has become more critical than ever as our electric grid grows unstable from increased demand. From powering essential medical equipment during power emergencies to supporting construction activities in remote locations, the need for electricity is ubiquitous and self-evident.

Power Resilience during Emergencies: Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes can wreak havoc on conventional power infrastructures, leading to widespread blackouts. During these challenging times, portable gas generators can provide a lifeline by generating electricity on-site. Equipped with fuel tanks, these generators can run for hours or even days, ensuring that critical appliances like refrigerators, medical equipment, and communication devices remain operational, offering a sense of security and stability during emergencies.

Remote Areas and Off-Grid Locations: Many areas in the United States lack access to reliable electricity due to their remote location or underdeveloped infrastructure. Whether a remote cabin in the wilderness or a construction site far from the city's power grid, portable gas generators can bridge the gap and supply power where conventional options are impractical or unavailable.

Backup Power for Businesses and Homes: In urban settings, power outages can occur unexpectedly, leading to disruptions in daily life and affecting businesses' productivity. For businesses, every minute without power can translate into financial losses. Portable gas generators can be an efficient backup power source, providing continuous electricity until the primary power supply is restored. Homeowners can also benefit by preserving perishable goods, maintaining climate control, and staying connected during extended blackouts.

Recreational Activities and Outdoor Events: Portable gas generators enable Americans to embrace nature while enjoying modern comforts, including lighting, cooking devices, and audio equipment.

A side note: Democrats comprise a majority on the Consumer Product Safety Commission…

All commissioners are attorneys with extensive government involvement.

  • Alexander Hoehn-Saric (Chair) is a Biden-nominated progressive communist democrat.

  • Mary Boyle is a Biden-nominated progressive communist democrat.

  • Richard Trumka, Jr., is a Biden-nominated progressive communist democrat and the son of the communist thug labor leader Richard Trumka (July 24, 1949 – August 5, 2021).

  • Peter A. Feldman is a Trump-nominated commissioner with ties to the establishment wing of the Republican Party.

  • One vacancy to be filled.

Bottom line…

Our reliance on electricity continues growing, and the need for portable gas generators is becoming increasingly apparent. Whether as a medical lifeline during emergencies, supporting off-grid construction and recreational activities, and providing needed reliable backup power for homes and businesses, having a portable gas generator readily available can provide peace of mind, making them an indispensable asset for electricity production in diverse circumstances. 

To use global climate change or a relatively small number of mishaps to disadvantage a large portion of our population is unconscionable, primarily since most generators are used in an open-air environment. 

For those of us who use these generators responsibly, we are aware of their environmental impact and adhere to safety guidelines. The proposed rule is tantamount to energy tyranny.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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