Many readers have commented that I end most political blog posts with the statement, “We are so screwed,” and wanted to know why?

Primarily. it is an indication of my mindset at the time I wrote the blog entry.

It derives from my observations of the current political scene and my opinion regarding the outcomes associated with the current trend.

My reasoning starts with the phrase, “It is what it is,” which reflects my mindset of reality and acceptance of existing conditions. It acknowledges my acceptance that the current circumstances cannot be changed or controlled by me, and it emphasizes the importance of coming to terms with the reality at hand.

Continuing with the theme of reality and acceptance, the phrase, “we are so screwed,” expresses my current pessimistic and resigned outlook regarding political affairs in a nation controlled by progressive communist democrats, their special interest enablers, and media propagandists who promote narratives over the news, censoring and canceling dissenters with a big voice and far reach. 


The Current State of Our Nation.

It is not uncommon for me to feel disheartened or overwhelmed when contemplating the state of our nation, run by a manifestly corrupt progressive communist democrat party and empowered by a self-serving cancerous bureaucratic state that is metastasizing toward a critical mass where it can dictate public policy independent of elected officials that purportedly represent their respective constituencies.

The majority of the opposition party, the feckless establishment wing of the GOP, doesn’t appear to care about the nation as long as they maintain their political power, cushy positions, perks, privileges, and profits.

Since the election of Barack Obama, the Communist-in-Chief, our nation has experienced deliberate political polarization, social divisions, and economic challenges of the progressive communist democrat’s own making. -- with an attack on energy self-sufficiency leading the economic decline.

  • Political Polarization: Political polarization has reached unprecedented levels, impeding effective governance and policymaking. The inability of opposing factions to find common ground and work towards collective solutions derails progress and perpetuates a cycle of political gridlock.

  • Social Divisions and Inequality:  Deep-seated social divisions, including those based on race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status, pose significant challenges to our nation's unity. The Marxist concept of class warfare has failed in the relatively classless and socially mobile society found in America and replaced by identity politics along racial, ethnic, and sexual lines.

  • Environmental Concerns and Sustainability: We are being told, falsely, I believe, that climate change and ecological degradation demand our urgent attention, and the consequences of inaction pose significant risks to us, future generations, and the sustainability of our planet. We are told we must cede some of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and dig deep in our pockets to fund nonsensical remedies. We cannot directly detect or measure man’s climate signal amid the natural variability of a chaotic climate system. Everything is a construct to gain or maintain political power outside of directly controlling local pollution.

The Increasing Polarization in America

In recent years, our nation, under the influence of progressive communist democrats, experienced a growing sense of polarization, where divisions between different ideological, political, and social groups have intensified, primarily by propaganda promoted by the media.

  • Erosion of Civility: Deliberate polarization has led to a breakdown in civil discourse, where individuals and groups become increasingly entrenched in their respective positions and less willing to engage in constructive dialogue. Instead of reasoned debate and exchanging ideas, discussions become characterized by hostility, name-calling, and dismissing opposing viewpoints. This erosion of civility only perpetuates the cycle of polarization.
  • Echo Chambers and Confirmation Bias: As polarization deepens, individuals seek out like-minded individuals and sources of information that reinforce their existing beliefs. This leads to the creation of echo chambers, where people are surrounded by others who share and reinforce their perspectives and opinions.

  • Distrust and Fragmentation: No doubt polarization breeds distrust among different groups within our diverse nation. When polarization reaches extreme levels, individuals may view those with differing opinions as enemies or threats rather than fellow citizens. As polarization increases, increasing social tensions increase the likelihood of conflict, including radicalization, extremism, and violence within society.

  • Empowering fringe actors and actions: The most dangerous aspect of political polarization is that it empowers fringe actors and activities, giving rise to the tyranny of the minority and allowing extreme ideologies and those who exploit fears and grievances for self-serving political power to create “communities” and attract media attention.

    There is little doubt that these fringe communities empower and radicalize individuals who feel marginalized or disconnected from the mainstream political process. Undoubtedly, this is a public safety issue as agitators and activists recruit vulnerable individuals and mobilize them toward acts of terrorism, political violence, or generalized social unrest.

  • Undermining Norms and Institutions: The key to a Marxist-inspired revolution is to weaken nations from within, primarily by eroding the public’s trust in their government and its key institutions. Critical indicators of communist activity include the attempt to suppress dissent, disregard the rule of law, and erode the independence of institutions such as the judiciary or media. At least to me, it appears that the media is thoroughly compromised and that hyper-partisan influences have corrupted the judiciary – witness the political maneuvering of political parties ignoring neutral competence and nominating partisans as superior, appellate, or Supreme Court judges.

The Insanity of Electing a Senile, Cognitively Impaired President

One of the most concerning developments was the election of a corrupt and visibly deteriorating president who appears to be increasingly senile and cognitively impaired.

  • The Importance of Mental Acuity in the Presidency: The Presidency of the United States represents leadership at the highest level of our nation and demands mental acuity, sharpness, and a degree of historical context. The decisions made by a president impact the lives of millions of citizens, both domestically and internationally. Therefore, it is crucial that the President possesses the cognitive abilities required to comprehend complex issues, make informed judgments, and communicate effectively with the public and other world leaders. Electing a president who is senile and cognitively impaired undermines these essential requirements.

  • Impaired Decision-Making: There is no doubt that President Biden is afflicted with memory loss, confusion, and a decreased ability to process information effectively, compromising his decision-making abilities. Biden appears incapable of making informed and rational decisions, leading to detrimental consequences, both foreign and domestic, for our nation. Policies formulated by President Biden, and imposed on the nation by Executive Order, lack coherence, consistency, and the necessary understanding of their consequences.

  • National Security Concerns: National security is a paramount concern for our nation. The president serves as the commander-in-chief and is responsible for making crucial decisions regarding the nation's safety, security, and well-being. A senile and cognitively impaired president is more susceptible to manipulation, has difficulty comprehending complex security briefings, or struggles to respond appropriately in times of crisis. These factors jeopardize the stability and security of the United States and its citizens.

  • Upholding the Office of the Presidency: The office of the presidency carries immense symbolic weight and authority. It represents the highest level of power and responsibility within the United States. Electing a senile and cognitively impaired president risks tarnishing the integrity and reputation of this esteemed position. It undermines the principles of leadership, intellect, and capability that the office demands, potentially setting a dangerous precedent for future elections.

The Ultimate Danger: President by Proxy

Whether the true power behind the shell that appears to be President Joe Biden lies in his wife, Jill Biden, or the Obama acolytes that serve as his “advisors” and handlers, Biden appears to have delegated significant decision-making power to individuals or groups outside the traditional chain of command.

  • Lack of Accountability: When Biden delegates decision-making authority to proxies, it creates a situation where the ultimate responsibility for those decisions becomes unclear. The proxies may not be directly accountable to the public, making it challenging to hold them responsible for their actions. This lack of transparency and accountability undermines the principles of democracy, as citizens are left without proper channels to address grievances or voice concerns. 

  • Influence of Special Interests: A presidency by proxy opens the door to the undue influence of special interests and behind-the-scenes power brokers. Proxies may be susceptible to pressure from vested interests, resulting in policies prioritizing the needs of a few over the welfare of the general public. This erosion of the public interest can lead to a loss of trust in the government and exacerbate inequalities within the government and the nation.

  • Lack of Leadership and Vision: A president is typically expected to provide strong leadership and articulate a clear national vision. However, delegated decision-making to proxies can result in a lack of cohesive direction and strategic planning. Proxies may have their own agendas or lack the comprehensive understanding necessary to address complex challenges effectively. This can lead to policy inconsistencies, confusion, and a lack of long-term vision for the country.

  • Constitutional and Legal Concerns: The constitution defines the roles and responsibilities of the president, and a presidency by proxy raises significant and severe constitutional and legal concerns. It stretches the boundaries of executive power, potentially undermining the checks and balances to safeguard against abuses of authority. It also makes it unlikely for the proxies to trigger the provisions of the 25th Amendment and remove an incapacitated president from office.

Bottom line…

I am willing to entertain and discuss my observations and mindset. Until then, I am left with no other conclusion than “we are screwed.”

-- Steve

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