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DeSantis is clearly not a loser...


Once again, we find Donald Trump catering to his ego while ignoring the reality surrounding him…

At a time when Trump should be courting the disaffected Democrats and independents to create a winning coalition, he chooses to dump on DeSantis rather than the ongoing Democrat disaster surrounding him.

How is he not hammering home the corruption of Joe Biden, which clearly meets the Constitutional requirement of impeachment based on bribery? Or the many failures of Biden’s cabinet-level officials? Or the destruction of the Constitution and Rule of Law in America? All without making it all about Donald Trump and engaging in sophomoric name-calling.

Is Trump willing to put the nation ahead of his ego?

An example of Trump’s over-the-top gaslighting can be found in a recent video where Trump implies DeSantis is both a loser and an establishment candidate…

TRUMP: "The very stupid and little respected China-loving Club for No Growth, which has been backing Ron DeSanctimonious as his poll numbers has been absolutely crashing, has just spent some of the RINO money they have accumulated on an ad campaign hoping to counter the fact that DeSanctis, just off the worst presidential launch in history, opted three times to cut and destroy Social Security, even lifting the minimum age to 70 years old.

He also voted to cut Medicare and institute a 23% national sales tax, which will hit our country hard.

Ron has always been a loser.

In fact, he was going to lose the election in record numbers until I endorsed him, so it was an artificial win. In any event Club for No Growth, they were with me and they won. When I cut off ties to them, they continuously lose. Let’s keep it that way."

How can Trump continue to portray himself as a “winner” and deny reality by claiming Ron DeSantis is a “loser?"

  • Ron DeSantis is a Harvard-trained lawyer who served in the Navy (Bronze Star) as a legal adviser to the SEALs in Iraq.
  • Ron DeSantis has not lost a political race, winning in 2012, 2014, 2016 (Congress), and 2018 and 2022 as Governor of Florida.
  • Ron DeSantis has done an admirable job governing Florida.
  • He is not “lockdown Ron,” especially compared to Cuomo's New York situation.
  • Trump lost to a mentally impaired candidate in 2020, costing the party significant votes and a Senate majority with his antics in two-winnable races in Georgia. His endorsements produced mixed results.
  • Trump continues to ignore fiscal responsibility and attacks DeSantis from the left on entitlement reform.
  • Trump refuses to support ballot harvesting, which disadvantages the GOP. Just as asinine as asking his supporters not to use mail-in ballots in 2020.
  • Trump's record of selecting personnel and candidates to endorse is abysmal.
  • Trump refuses to spend money on a ground game for 2024.
  • Trump’s plan must be yelling, as there does not seem to be any other plan other than hoping circumstances will produce a Trump victory.

On paper, Trump is the clear loser, not Ron DeSantis. However, even when Trump is significantly ahead in primary polls, he continues to attack DeSantis instead of attacking the corrupt Biden and his failing administration.

Bottom line…

Trump appears to have a solid base within the Republican Party. Unfortunately, this base seems to top out at an estimated 35-40 percent, allowing him to win the primary with a plurality. But he also appears to lack headroom, the margin that would enable him to win the general election by converting a swing portion of disaffected democrats and independents.

So, the real question is, will America descend so low under the progressive communist democrats that a significant majority of disillusioned and disgusted Americans will vote for the GOP to capture the presidency and generate an unassailable margin of victory in the House and Senate?

Will Trump feed this dystopian view of America by highlighting the dysfunction of the progressive communist democrats, or will he continue to attack Ron “DeSanctimonious” and gaslight Americans with his ego-driven bullshit?

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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