“The New World Order”

One of the most fantastic conspiracy theories is that a secretive cabal of global elites, call it what you will, is working behind the scenes to establish a totalitarian world government. According to this pooh-poohed theory, the cabal comprises influential individuals from various fields, including politics, finance, and technology, who manipulate world events and control governments, economies, and media to further their agenda.

Supporters of this conspiracy theory often claim that the cabal seeks to erode national sovereignty, undermine individual freedoms, and establish a global surveillance state. They argue that major historical events, such as wars, economic crises, and political assassinations, are orchestrated by the cabal to maintain their power and advance their interests.

The naysayers claim that such a conspiracy theory is implausible because …  

  1. Lack of Concrete Evidence: Despite years of speculation and investigation by conspiracy theorists, no substantial evidence has emerged to support the existence of a secretive global elite working towards a world government. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; therefore, the theory lacks solid, verifiable proof.

  2. Complexity and Scale: The alleged scope of the conspiracy is massive, involving countless individuals and organizations from different countries and backgrounds. Coordinating such a vast and complex operation while keeping it completely hidden would be logistically challenging and highly unlikely to go unnoticed.

  3. Diverse Interests and Conflicting Agendas: The notion that a cohesive global elite exists and can effectively conspire to control world events disregards the diverse interests and competing agendas among individuals and groups in positions of power. The theory assumes that individuals in positions of power, influence, and wealth are willing to set aside their own self-interest and work together for a common goal. 

    However, history has shown that people have diverse interests, motivations, ideologies, and priorities, making it improbable for them to work together toward a singular goal. Europe alone comprises numerous countries with different histories, political systems, ideologies, and interests. Coordinating a secretive global elite within this diverse landscape would be challenging and complicated while ensuring their loyalty and cooperation. National governments, institutions, and political parties have their own agendas, making it unlikely that they would willingly cede their sovereignty to a centralized global authority.

  4. Lack of Secrecy: Conspiracies of this scale typically struggle to maintain secrecy over extended periods. The idea that a worldwide conspiracy involving numerous influential individuals and institutions has remained wholly hidden for decades stretches credibility. Whistleblowers, leaks, and investigations would likely expose such a conspiracy.

  5. Historical Context and Change: The world has experienced significant shifts in power, geopolitical dynamics, and technological advancements over time. These changes and the unpredictability of historical events suggest that the idea of a small group maintaining control and dominance over long periods is unrealistic.

  6. Democratic Values and Public Opposition: The Western world, including Europe, have a robust system of democratic institutions, independent judiciaries, free media, and civil society organizations that upholds democratic values, individual freedoms, and the right to self-governance. Such values are deeply ingrained in civil societies, and public opposition would be significant if attempts were to subvert democratic principles and impose a totalitarian system. The concept of a secretive global elite controlling governments and suppressing freedoms would likely face widespread resistance and activism.

  7. Pluralism and Checks on Power: Democratic systems have mechanisms to provide checks and balances on concentrated power, ensuring transparency, accountability, and public scrutiny, including independent media, investigative journalism, and civil society organizations. Avenues for dissent exist, making it challenging for a secretive elite to exert absolute control.

  8. Technological Challenges: Establishing a totalitarian world government would require a sophisticated and pervasive surveillance apparatus. However, with technological advancements, keeping large-scale surveillance programs secret has become increasingly challenging. Whistleblowers, cybersecurity experts, and public awareness have made it difficult to maintain comprehensive surveillance without detection or resistance.

  9. Information and Communication Challenges: The cabal theory presupposes that a small group of elites controls and manipulates information flow to shape public opinion and suppress dissent. However, in today's interconnected world, information is disseminated through diverse channels, including independent media, social networks, and the Internet. Maintaining absolute control over information and preventing leaks or alternative narratives would be highly challenging.

What if?

  • There was a tightly controlled cabal aiming at world domination and able to take a multi-generational view extending in increments of one hundred years?

  • A cabal was able to police its own members as well as its own population?

  • A cabal was able to use human nature to its own advantage?

  • A cabal with their own evolving military that was able to short-circuit weapon development cycles and match the potency of weapons of their opposition and overwhelm them in numerical superiority?

  • A cabal with a nearly unlimited treasury that could manipulate the value of its currency to buy technology, individuals, and assets?

  • A cabal that could co-opt their opposition into adopting self-destructive behaviors, erase history, and create increasing chaos and uncertainty in the population?

  • A cabal that could co-opt legacy media, social media, and most modes of communication into substituting narrative for news and censoring dissidents?

  • A cabal that could rely on a large number of well-meaning but ignorant actions of “useful idiots?”

  • A cabal that could hide their actions by declaring their nefarious plan to be a “conspiracy theory?”

Blind, dumb bastards…

Creeping-socialism-1By now, you should realize we are not discussing a conspiracy theory involving a secretive cabal of global elites. We are talking about Communist China, which is well on its way to domination of the Western world.

I will not recount recent events or the trajectory of our nation’s “wokeist” behaviors. Nor will I discuss the increasing aggressiveness of China or the likelihood that they have purchased enough political power to materially damage our governing bodies, including intelligence and law enforcement agencies, weaken our military, and sap the vigor of Americans who may be conscripted to fight the next World War.

How can one justify the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley's actions in potentially circumventing the lawful orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the military?

Milley called a secret meeting of senior military officials at the Pentagon on January 8 to review the process for military action — including launching nuclear weapons. He instructed those in charge of the National Military Command Center, the Pentagon's war room, not to take orders from anyone without his involvement. According to CNN, he told the officials, "No matter what you are told, you do the procedure. You do the process. And I'm part of that procedure." Milley then looked each officer in the eye and asked them to verbally confirm they understood his instructions.

Or on October 30, 2020, General Mark Milley reassured Chinese Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army, "If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

Or that General Milley spoke with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the nuclear chain of command and did not inform the President of these actions.

Bottom line…

Something is up with China and likely to happen before the 2024 election when the feckless Biden regime is still in power.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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