Dead-elephantThe GOP is empowering the Democrat's traditional scare tactics…

While it might be a prudent fiscal response to a serious Social Security and Medicare solvency issue, the announcement of an unpalatable, speculative and painful fix before an election cycle is just plain stupid, especially when voters are swayed more by manipulated emotions and the perception of personal danger than logic.

Another example of the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

The powerful old meme: pushing granny off the cliff…

In Attack Ad, Paul Ryan Kills Grandma in Wheelchair

In a video from the progressive Agenda Project Action Fund, a suited man perceived to be Paul Ryan takes Granny for a wheelchair ride right off a rocky ledge. Poor little old lady plunges to her death in her pink slippers.

A powerful emotional plea likely to influence a significant number of senior citizens.

Stupidity is a matter of timing…

Republicans push McCarthy to address Social Security, Medicare in the spending fight

The largest faction of House GOP lawmakers is pushing Speaker Kevin McCarthy to use the upcoming government spending fight to shore up Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security and Medicare are on track to go bust within the next decade, meaning people who are now 55 will get hit with significant benefit cuts unless Congress acts. The Republican Study Committee, which is made up of more than 150 House Republicans, believes the time to act is now.

[OCS: The time to act is after you win the election when you have the legislative power to implement change, not before an election when your opposition can characterize your intentions as harmful to a large population segment.]

The Biden administration is not doing anything to fix those problems,” said RSC Chairman Kevin Hern, Oklahoma Republican. “Instead, they want to force every American into government dependency and raise taxes sky-high to pay for it.”

[OCS: The progressive communist democrats are evil but not stupid. They know that there is a time to talk, a time to act, and a time to stay quiet while your enemy commits' political suicide.]

The RSC devised a blueprint to guide House Republicans in the upcoming battle over government battle. The blueprint, which was previewed exclusively to The Washington Times, proposes structural changes to Social Security and Medicare.

Under the blueprint, Medicare would be transformed to include a subsidized, privatized option. A range of changes such as means-testing Social Security are offered to begin bipartisan talks for the popular retirement benefits.

[OCS: Senior citizens, particularly those on fixed incomes, have seen what the Wall Street Wizards in the private sector have done to our economy, their savings, investments, and pensions. These individuals will be reluctant and resistant to stepping off the cliff into the unknown based on speculative promises negated by the fine print that always screws rather than protects you.]

“America is over $31.9 trillion in debt, retirement programs are careening toward bankruptcy, and our economy is teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff,” said Rep. Ben Cline, a Virginia Republican who leads the RSC budget task force.

Medicare’s board of trustees estimates its hospital insurance trust fund, which covers inpatient hospital stays for individuals 65 and older, is slated to run out of money by 2028. The trust fund is financed by a 1.45% payroll tax that is levied equally on both employers and employees.

Once the trust fund runs dry, Medicare will face a 10% budget shortfall starting in 2029, when patients are likely to see a cut in services for hospital stays and hospice care. The trust fund does not cover other parts of Medicare such as subsidies for prescription drugs and physician visits, which are funded by patient premiums and state governments.

The RSC proposes to consolidate the various portions of Medicare coverage, including prescription drugs, hospital stays and doctor’s visits, into one plan. Seniors would then be given a monthly subsidy, based on income, to purchase either private health insurance or the single Medicare plan.

OCS: WHAT!!! The GOP is moving toward the Democrat dream of a single-payer healthcare system?]

Lawmakers say the shift would incentive private health insurers to slash rates to compete with Medicare to sign up the most seniors.

[OCS: Look familiar? This is the same bullshit used to sell Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that neither protected most individuals nor was affordable. The insurers kept their state monopolies and screwed their insured members.]

“We’re offering a path forward to save the critical programs on which millions of seniors depend,” Mr. Cline said.

[OCS: “A path forward” is literally a progressive communist democrat talking point. Ask Hillary Clinton.]

The proposal would also target duplicative subsidies and costs and institute a universal payments policy for medical services. Currently, Medicare pays hospitals a higher rate for services than it does doctor’s offices.

The RSC is also proposing changes to Social Security. The program’s retirement and survivor benefits are on course to run out of money by 2033. The program faces a shortfall as the U.S. population ages and birth rates remain low. If Congress does nothing, only 78% of Social Security benefits will be payable by 2034.


… and the numbers…

Number of Voters as a Share of the Voter Population by Age


How freaking stupid is it to scare or alienate a sizeable aging voter block that transcends race, sex, sexual orientation, and other identity identifiers?

Bottom line…

Don’t needlessly scare the bejesus out of senior citizens and middle-aged individuals planning for retirement.

After the election, there are solutions that can address the looming solvency crisis.

We are so screwed when the GOP lacks competent leadership, relies on consultants and focus groups, and lacks the balls to attack the progressive communist democrats.

STFU and take the fight to the opposition by concentrating on corruption and communism.

-- Steve

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