Never before has our nation experienced the degree of blatant dishonesty, criminal behavior, and interference in an electoral process from our Federal Bureau of Investigation that we have experienced under former FBI Director James Comey.

James Brien Comey Jr. is a lawyer (University of Chicago Law School/1985) who became the seventh director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on September 4, 2013 and served until his firing by President Trump on May 9, 2017.

His actions while FBI Director demonstrates that Comey appears to be a pathological liar with a narcissistic personality disorder. His criminal corruption in various political matters should have seen him in prison rather than being interviewed on MSNBC by a professional liar and former regime Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

A classic case of projection…

Projection is part of human nature, a psychological phenomenon where individuals attribute their own thoughts, feelings, motives, and actions to others, often as a defense mechanism that allows people to avoid acknowledging uncomfortable truths about themselves while projecting them onto someone else. In politics, projection is where negative behavior is shifted to the opposition, whether true or not.

I do not doubt that James Comey weaponized the FBI on behalf of the Obama/Biden Administration, lying, leaking, and excusing prosecutable criminals on behalf of the regime. He blatantly usurped the authority of the Department of Justice, undermined several legitimate investigations, and covered up the wrongdoing by both his agency and the regime.

And yet, we find him telling MSNBC political commentator Jen Psaki…

Psaki: “Can you envision a scenario where Trump managed to win back the White House, and justice is delayed?”

[OCS: Psaki’s question is ludicrous considering how justice was not only delayed but also disregarded, distorted, and damaged by the FBI under the leadership of James Comey.]

Comey: “I could. I don’t want to, but I could. I mean, it’s this crazy world that Donald Trump has dragged this country into, but he could be wearing an ankle bracelet while accepting the nomination at the Republican Convention. It would be rejected if you put it in a script for a show, but you could have a president who is potentially incarcerated when he’s elected president.”

[OCS: Comey is a lawyer, albeit corrupt, and should consider the trumped-up nature of the charges and the selective and disproportionate prosecution that has plagued Trump.]

“Think about what four years of a retribution presidency might look like. He could order the investigation and prosecution of individuals who he sees as enemies, are on the enemies list, because the president constitutionally does oversee the executive branch entirely. Which includes the Department of Justice, prosecutors, and investigators.”

[OCS: Classic projection because this describes actions taken by the Obama/Biden Administration.]

“President Trump could say I don’t care what the Supreme Court says or these district judges say, I’m telling the Marshal Service don’t enforce the court order.”

[OCS: More projection.]

Trump comes for the rule of law, the system of justice, and the agencies with a flame thrower.”

[OCS: Defining the actions of the Obama and Biden Administrations.]

“He will come and try to criticize and attack your family, your witnesses. There are no limits to what he will try to do to obstruct an effort to hold him accountable.”

[OCS: This is Comey holding up a mirror to the regime.]

Our constitution really does give a rogue president, which is what this would be, tremendous power to destroy. And so that’s why I’m trying to warn people. Given the way he said he intends to operate if he’s reelected, this will be something we could never have imagined. Again, it seems like science fiction in a way, but it’s what another four years of Donald Trump really promises.”

[OCS: Consider the havoc wreaked on our nation by our first progressive communist democrat president, Barack Obama, followed by the continuing damage by a cognitively impaired, corrupt, lying bigot, Joe Biden. Please read the unconstitutional Executive Orders and notice how they refuse to acknowledge the Constitution and ignore federal laws.] 

It has to be Joe Biden.  And I’m glad he’s willing to serve. It has to be somebody committed to the rule of law, committed to the values of this country.”

[OCS: This demonstrates the depth of Comey’s corruption as he promotes a near-vegetable to lead the United States of America.]

“I want the American people to stare at the threat that we’re facing and understand that they cannot take the next election off.”

[OCS: Comey is not lying – we are staring into the abyss and starting to lose footing.]

<Inside with Jen Psaki

Shocker! Why would Comey be advocating for Biden?

Occam's Razor on the simplest reason being correct: He is counting on a presidential pardon to remove the overhanging criminal charges that may follow if Trump assumes the presidency again. In an Oval Office meeting, it was Biden who suggested prosecuting an innocent General Michael Flynn using the Logan Act and it was Comey's FBI that executed the plan. Co-conspirators and memorialized by FBI Agent Peter Strzok's notes. 

The perils of projection in politics and how it distorts reality and undermines democracy…

  1. Distorting Reality: Projection in politics leads to a distorted perception of reality. Politicians and their supporters project their own biases, prejudices, or faults onto their opponents, thus creating an inaccurate and skewed narrative. This reality distortion can perpetuate misinformation, inhibit critical thinking, and produce a failure to address real problems.

  2. Polarization and Divisiveness: Projection contributes to the polarization and divisiveness that plague today's malignant politics. By projecting their own extreme views onto their opponents, politicians create an "us versus them" mentality, reinforcing existing divisions, preventing cooperation, and making it easier to control small groups rather than appeal to a larger audience.

  3. Manipulation and Deception: Political leaders who engage in projection exploit the vulnerability and gullibility of their supporters. By projecting their own flaws onto others, they divert attention away from their own shortcomings or controversial policies. Projection manipulates public opinion, as people are likelier to believe adverse claims about others rather than critically examining their own leaders.

  4. Lack of Accountability: Projection in politics creates a culture of blame-shifting and a lack of personal accountability. When politicians project their mistakes or failures onto others, they evade responsibility for their actions. This evasion destroys any semblance of transparency and integrity, further eroding public trust in our political institutions. A government that lacks accountability in its leadership is increasingly susceptible to corruption and incompetence.

  5. Impeding Constructive Solutions: Projection in politics distracts from addressing critical issues and finding constructive solutions. When politicians focus on projecting blame and demonizing opponents, the energy and resources needed for problem-solving diminish greatly as policy debates take a backseat to shift focus toward personal attacks and character assassinations. This hampers the ability to make informed decisions and find common ground on crucial issues.

  6. Inhibiting Progress and Innovation: Projection can hinder progress and innovation by stifling new ideas and alternative perspectives. When politicians project their own biases onto others, they often dismiss or undermine innovative proposals simply because they don't align with the prevailing narrative or the wishes of political special interests. 

  7. Escalating Tensions and Conflict: Projection in politics often escalates tensions and contributes to heightened levels of conflict. When politicians project negative traits or intentions onto their opponents, it often ignites a Trump-like cycle of reciprocal accusations. Each side becomes more entrenched in their beliefs, further fueling animosity and deepening the divide. Matters spiral out of control, creating a toxic political climate where compromise and cooperation seem impossible.

Bottom line…

I must apologize to my readers. There was a time, early on, when I believed that James Comey was an honorable man—likewise former Attorneys General Barr and Mueller. Time and circumstance have proved me wrong as we now glimpse what these men have become – shredding their reputations as they succumbed to unimaginable political pressures and personal vanity.

Undoubtedly, we must stand up and call “bullshit” when we recognize projection in politics and actively work towards promoting a more responsible, honest, and transparent government.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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