Don’t get me wrong. I believe that President Joe Biden is a despicable corrupt racist who has done significant damage to the United States – damage that may take decades to resolve. I also believe President Joe Biden is an elderly, cognitively-impaired individual being pumped full of drugs and pushed onto a stage and told what to say and do by his handlers – and even then, he screws it up, lapsing into incoherence or his old standby, anger.

So I believe that Joe Biden is being abused by those who derive political power from his very existence – even though Biden should be allowed to enjoy his remaining years peaceably. There is no way he can competently assist in any defense on corruption charges, so he should shuffle off to watching Matlock re-runs and eating chocolate chip ice cream in a  waffle cone.


From Politico….

How Jill Biden helped Joe get to yes on running for reelection at 80
She is the not-so-secret weapon behind her husband. And unlike four years ago, she didn’t have reservations before he chose to run.

Four years ago, Jill Biden was hesitant about her husband making a White House run, fearing the toll it could take on him and the family.

In the months before Joe Biden formally announced he’d make a reelection bid, she had no such reservations.

[OCS: It is evident to most people that President Biden’s health and behavior have deteriorated over the past few years and are doing so at an even more rapid rate presently. Even with visual aids and written directions, he requires a hands-on handler to direct his activities.]

Privately, the first lady encouraged her husband to run again while giving him the space he needed to process the decision in the way he traditionally does: with extensive deliberations, consideration of the burden it would place on his family, and a bit of classic Biden hemming and hawing. She was involved in all the high-level discussions around the decision, giving counsel when she felt it was necessary.

[OCS: The word I would use is not “encouraged” but “coerced” or "manipulated."]

She is usually in the room when senior campaign staff are presenting strategy to her husband. She will ask questions. But she never weighs in on the decision,” said a former senior Biden adviser.

[OCS: Jill Biden is little more than another handler. One that is more acceptable to the public in the role of the wife standing next to her husband rather than the face of an anonymous handler who would appear to be inappropriately giving instructions to the President of the United States, much less the Commander-in-Chief.]

Her gentle encouragement of her husband’s reelection run comes as she’s relishing her role, hanging out at the Super Bowl and the women’s Final Four, and actively posting on social media. Unlike the cliché applied to wives of major political figures — that they’re the “secret weapon” behind their husband’s success — there’s nothing that secret about the role she is playing.

[OCS: In essence, Jill Biden is the acting Vice President while Kamala Harris is off preparing her nonsensical and incoherent word salads.]

Nearly a dozen aides and advisers in Biden world described the first lady as someone who has grown more willing to endure the rigors and demands of being in the political spotlight herself — and more convinced of her husband’s fit for the job. Close advisers say she feels a comfort level with her role inside the White House, balancing the ceremonial responsibilities of the office with the weight of serving as a trusted adviser to the president.

[OCS: I do not recall voting for a co-president or even a president that needs advice from his ill-informed wife while being surrounded by subject-matter experts whose official duties are to advise the president. The idea that she is privy to the Presidential Daily Brief and may weigh in on its contents is scary. But so are progressive communist democrats entrusted with this nation’s safety and security. The idea that she believes Joe Biden is fit for a full-time job is belied by his severely restricted daily schedule, excessive vacation time, and inability to handle an open press conference with unfriendly reporters who do not feed his press people the questions in advance.]

“She is always his final gut check” is how the former senior adviser put it.

Advisers are envisioning a role for Jill Biden on the campaign in which she serves as a character witness for her family — especially Hunter Biden — and a conduit to suburban swing voters who, they believe, relate to her.

“She sees herself as a wife and a mom and a nana. And what wife, mom and Nana wouldn’t defend their family?” one senior Biden adviser said. “She is going to defend her family and take issues with attacks on her family. But she has been in politics a long time. And so they’re well aware that nasty attacks have come in the past and they’ll come now and they’ll come in the future.”

[OCS: Witting or not, Jill Biden is a beneficiary of Joe Biden’s corruption, equally responsible under the law if she co-signs a joint tax return.]

She was reluctant about Biden running in 2020 but ultimately came around to his conviction that he was the best candidate to take on Donald Trump in that political moment. As first lady, she has had a consistent presence within her husband’s close-knit team. Some aides have described her as “the closer” — the confidant the president trusts to give him unfiltered advice before he reaches a decision. <Source>

[OCS: Is Jill Biden blind, stupid, or so power-hungry that she ignores reality as she compares her husband’s physical and mental state to that of former President Trump, or for that matter, any other potential candidate? Even if she knows or expects that the 25th Amendment or a health crisis will remove Joe Biden from office, her decision to assist the progressive communist democrats in using Joe Biden is prima facie elder abuse.]

Bottom line…

Elder abuse refers to intentional or negligent acts that harm or cause distress to an older person, typically aged 60 or above. Neglect occurs when a caregiver fails to protect an older person from harm.

In my mind, unlike her portrayal by the progressive media propagandists, she is not a resolute hero but a complicit abuser of a demented old man. And in doing so, she is abusing the United States by enabling the progressive communist democrats and their manipulation of foreign and domestic policies. I also believe the éminence grise, the radical power behind the throne, is Anita Dunn, who openly called mass murderer Mao Tse Tung one of her favorite political philosophers and quoted Mao on how to "fight your war."

Not only is Joe screwed, but “We the People” are screwed by his presence, his Vice President, and his entire toxic communist-infiltrated and run party.

-- Steve

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