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Stephen, the Trump administration’s hand-picked special prosecutor just released a report that failed to find the deep state conspiracy theory Trump promised. Instead, Durham’s effort to discredit the FBI resulted in two failed prosecutions, and brought no new meaningful insight to an inquiry performed by the DOJ’s inspector general years earlier.

[OCS: Trump's Attorney General, William Barr, no friend of Donald Trump, named John Durham as a Special Counsel for his long history of righteous investigations and prosecutions without regard to political affiliations. Adam Schiff is a bald-faced liar to assert that Durham did not find a deep-state conspiracy.]

No one could be more disappointed than Trump and his chief enabler, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. So it’s no surprise that McCarthy chose today to deflect questions about whether George Santos should resign while facing 13 felony charges — and instead suggested live on Fox News that the GOP should remove me from Congress entirely. All because Durham’s investigation was a bust.

[OCS: Given that Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, was one of the most virulent of Trump's persecutors full well knew the truth about the Clinton Hoax and yet refused to take action to stop the ongoing travesty and assault on our democracy. Time after time, Schiff intimated he had classified information that proved Trump was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt -- but refused to produce his so-called proof of misconduct.]

Mc-carthy-insertMcCarthy has already removed me from the Intelligence Committee. Now, it sounds like he’s interested in kicking me completely out of Congress.

[OCS: Technically, it appears that Adam Schiff participated in a coup to overthrow the legitimately elected President of the United States. He should be tried for treason, not just removed from Congress.]

McCarthy’s constituents in California lack clean air and clean water, and lack access to broadband, and have hospitals closing down — but he can’t be bothered to do anything about it. He’s too busy trying to please the extreme MAGA crowd.

[OCS: It is the progressive communist democrats who control California that have destroyed the formerly Golden State of California, and no amount of federal funds could remedy the situation. Schiff was elected to represent his district, and it appears he represents the Democrat Party first and Hillary Clinton second.]

Well, if Kevin McCarthy won’t represent his constituents in the House, I will represent them in the Senate.

[OCS: If your corrupt, unethical behavior in the House indicates how you will act in the Senate, there is no hope for California if you manage to be elected to the Senate.]

Stephen, we HAVE to respond to this latest attack. Rush an urgent donation to send a message to McCarthy loud and clear — we’re not going anywhere >>

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

[OCS: It appears that ActBlue may be complicit in processing thousands of untraceable bogus donations.]

As-dThe harder that MAGA Republicans fight us, the more important it is that we fight back.

Since the day McCarthy removed me from the Intelligence Committee, to the day I announced this campaign, to this very moment, McCarthy has been fighting me tooth and nail.

He’s willing to use a Trump administration political operative’s report to smear me once again while excusing criminal behavior and serial dishonesty within his own caucus.

[OCS: The mischaracterization of the Durham Report is outrageous, typical of Schiff's slimy politics.]

But that’s the MAGA Republican Party for you — pure projection and hypocrisy.

I need your support to fight back against these attacks. Rush $10 or any amount to our campaign to help.

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Schiff's real game?

It appears to me that Schiff is unlikely to be elected to replace Diane Feinstein and is raising an enormous sum of money to purchase a position in any upcoming Democrat Administration or to trade for future favors.

Bottom line...

ADAM-SCHIFF-LOGO-2We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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