The following line of defense in the Biden Crime family saga is that the “investigation is ongoing,” preventing the release of any further information to Congress or the public.

House chairman urges DOJ to delay Hunter Biden indictment until he releases new evidence Wednesday

The chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee declared Sunday that he has uncovered banks records documenting a pay-to-play bribery scheme involving the Biden family, and he urged the Justice Department to delay any indictment of Hunter Biden until he releases the evidence on Wednesday.

“My message to the Department of Justice is very loud and clear. Do not indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday," Rep. James Comer told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

“We believe there are a whole lot of tips that the IRS and the DOJ don't know about because we don't believe they've done a whole lot of digging in this, and we have,” he added.

In addition, Comer revealed last week that an FBI whistleblower filed a confidential human source report in summer 2020 alleging a pay-to-play bribery scheme that directly involved Joe Biden. He has subpoenaed that document.

Comer, R-Ky., said he believes payments were routed to a web of limited liability corporations “in exchange for something that then-Vice President Biden and now President Biden would have done. So this whistleblower will provide some crucial information to our investigation.”

“More and more evidence is pointing towards Joe Biden," Comer said. "Obviously, Joe Biden was involved in all this despite the fact that he lied to the American people, despite the fact that his press secretary continues to lie about it.”

The chairman said the report he will release on Wednesday will show the Biden family received money from many more countries than previously known and that the number of family members who benefitted is much larger.

“We're going to produce an additional five Biden family members, more countries, more LLCs, more bank accounts," he explained. "This thing is much bigger than anyone would have ever predicted, and it all points towards Joe Biden."

Timing is everything…

In the current situation, the progressives want to push damning evidence beyond the 2024 election because the criminality of the Biden crime family is likely to spill over into the Obama Administration and condemn the entire cadre of progressive communist democrats.

More practically, charges for crimes must be pursued after the expiration of the statute of limitations to protect the high-ranking bureaucrats and members of the bureaucracy who knowingly facilitated criminal actions.

And, of course, to add legitimacy to the “I don’t recall” excuse, as memories are expected to diminish over time.


Government officials or law enforcement agencies often use the phrase "investigation is ongoing" to avoid releasing information that could be politically damaging or embarrassing. By stating that an investigation is ongoing, officials can argue that it would be premature or inappropriate to release information before the investigation has concluded. As we have seen with the FBI and certain police departments, the length of time seems to depend on the political winds at the time. 

While the phrase may be used legitimately, in today’s hyper-partisan environment, we often find it used to delay or disappear information that could be embarrassing or criminally damaging to a particular individual or organization. This can occur when officials are trying to protect their own financial interests or the interests of those they represent.

Unfortunately, the pushback from legitimate journalists and other watchdog groups has been severely muted along ideological lines as corporatized media has become the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

Potential dangers associated with using the phrase "investigation is ongoing" to prevent the release of information…

  1. Lack of transparency: When officials use the excuse of an ongoing investigation to withhold information, it can create a lack of transparency and accountability in government.

  2. Abuse of power: The phrase "investigation is ongoing" can be used to protect the interests of those in power, leading to aggravated abuses of power and significant corruption.

  3. Delayed or denied justice: If information is withheld during an ongoing investigation, it can delay justice and prevent individuals from receiving a fair trial or ensure an acquittal for acts time-barred by the statute of limitations.  It can spark legal battles over information access and release, further delaying disclosure and accountability. No doubt, delayed or denied access to information can undermine the rule of law and give the appearance of a multi-tier system of justice.

  4. Disinformation/Misinformation: When officials withhold information, it can lead to misinformation, disinformation, and specious speculation, damaging individuals and institutions.

  5. Public distrust and loss of public confidence: If the public perceives that officials are using the phrase "investigation is ongoing" as a way to avoid accountability or protect their own interests, it can lead to a lack of trust in government and the justice system as it appears that the officials are attempting to avoid transparency and accountability.

  6. Media censorship: In some cases, the phrase "investigation is ongoing" can be used to prevent journalists from reporting on specific issues or conducting investigative journalism, leading to censorship and a lack of press freedom. It also empowers the spread of misinformation and disinformation the leaks from unverifiable anonymous sources – many of whom are linked to the participants or political party officials. It also leads to uninformed speculation from “talking heads” trying to capture an audience, enhance their stature, and earn additional income.

  7. Imped democratic processes: When officials use the phrase "investigation is ongoing" to prevent the release of information, it can impede democratic processes and prevent the public from making informed decisions based on accurate information.

  8. Compromised national security: In some instances, the phrase "investigation is ongoing" may be used to withhold information that could compromise national security. However, in such cases, it is essential to balance the need for national security with the public's right to know.

  9. Political polarization: The phrase "investigation is ongoing" can fuel political polarization and conspiracy theories, particularly if officials are perceived to withhold information for political reasons.

  10. Wasted resources: If officials use the phrase "investigation is ongoing" to delay the release of information unnecessarily, it can waste valuable investigative and prosecutorial resources paid with taxpayer dollars.

  11. Public frustration: When officials use the phrase "investigation is ongoing" to withhold information, it can lead to frustration and disillusionment among the public, who may feel that their right to know is being ignored.

  12. Damage to reputation: When officials use the phrase "investigation is ongoing" to withhold information, it can damage the reputation of individuals or organizations that are the subject of the investigation, even if they are later found to be innocent.

  13. Reduced public safety: If officials withhold information that could affect public safety, it can put individuals at risk and lead to a breakdown of trust between the public and government institutions.

Where is Special Counsel John Durham?


It is also essential for government agencies to be transparent about their investigative processes and to provide regular updates on the status of ongoing investigations. This can help to build trust with the public and ensure that justice is served fairly and impartially.

Bottom line…

In the final analysis, Americans cannot trust their government, especially the progressive communist democrats and the establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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