It appears that progressive communist democrats are trying to destroy the United States from within -- and that some of our elected officials may be traitors...

LEAKED: Emails Show Biden State Department Sought to Protect China During Spy-Balloon Fiasco

According to Reuters, during the Chinese spy balloon fiasco that captivated the nation in early 2023, embattled Secretary of State Antony Blinken was actually seeking to protect the communists.

When an alleged Chinese spy balloon traversed the United States in February, some U.S. officials were confident the incursion would galvanize the U.S. bureaucracy to push forward a slate of actions to counter China.

Instead, the U.S. State Department held back human rights-related sanctions, export controls and other sensitive actions to try to limit damage to the U.S.-China relationship, according to four sources with direct knowledge of U.S. policy, as well as internal emails seen by Reuters.

Speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity for fear of repercussions, they said Blinken had largely delegated China policy duties to Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, the United States’ second ranked diplomat.

Who is Wendy Sherman? She’s the China-loving official who led the lobbying effort against the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act of 2021. So not only is Blinken derelict in his duties by passing off the biggest US foreign policy issue in existence to an underling, but he gave those duties to someone with a long history of being suspiciously soft on the Chinese.

Sherman was also at the forefront of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, infamously proclaiming that the “Taliban seek legitimacy.” If there’s a diplomat with worse instincts, I’m not sure who it would be. Sherman is just terrible and has managed to be on the wrong side of just about every major foreign policy issue she’s been involved with. <Source>

Look at Sherman's career credentials...

#501 - 'Wendy Sherman - Wikipedia' - en.wikipedia.org

A record of failure that has placed America at risk...

North Korea nuclear negotiations: Wendy Sherman was the Clinton administration's policy coordinator for North Korea. The Clinton Administration had first arrived at the 1994 Agreed Framework under which North Korea agreed to freeze and dismantle its nuclear weapons program, including its main reactor at Yongbyon (Sherman continues to defend the 1994 deal and her involvement in it, stating that "during the Clinton administration not one ounce of plutonium was added to the North Korean stockpile")

As we have seen, the North Koreans lied and carried on with their nuclear program -- including the development of delivery systems, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and nuclear-capable submarines. 

Fannie Mae: From April 1996, Sherman became founding president and CEO of the newly created Fannie Mae Foundation, which was developed by Fannie Mae and endowed with $350 million in Fannie stock, with the goal of promoting home ownership and mortgages across wider sectors of American society.

Fannie Mae, a Democrat-creation to corner the secondary mortgage market, to provide multi-million-dollar employment to strategically important Democrats, and to funnel funds to certain Democrat districts in precarious electoral distress. 

Iran nuclear negotiation: On September 21, 2011, she was appointed to the position of undersecretary of state for political affairs by Secretary Hillary Clinton. In this capacity, Sherman led the US team during six negotiating rounds between Iran and six world powers about Tehran's nuclear program and was the fourth-highest ranking member of the department.

Chief nuclear negotiator with Iran: In October 2013, before negotiations began in Geneva between Iran and the so-called "P5+1," she made a comment about the Iranian negotiating strategy in a Senate committee hearing. She said, "We know that deception is part of the DNA."

And we know how this turned out as President Obama propped up the Iranian regime, funded their state terror activities, and watched the chaos. At the same time, they developed their nuclear capabilities, including intercontinental ballistic missiles. 

Pro-China: In December 2021, The Washington Post reported that Sherman lobbied to water down the language of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.[39]

In May 2023, Reuters reported that Sherman did not support stricter export control rules on Huawei and wished to revive Blinken's canceled visit to China following the 2023 Chinese balloon incident.

Under the Clinton, Obama, and Biden Administrations, it appears almost all decisions favor Communist China over America.

Bottom line...

This is what a progressive communist democrat apparatchik looks like.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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