PoliceThe unanswered questions…

Other than to determine if an incident involves multiple individuals or represents an ongoing threat to the public, there is little reason to investigate the “ideology” of a suspect.

  • Why is the federal government taking such an interest in what is clearly a state murder investigation? Other than to advance the “white supremacy narrative” used to attack conservatives or accrete additional surveillance powers?

  • If it is a federal case, shouldn’t members of federal law enforcement be more concerned with upholding federal laws, such as federal immigration laws that see violent criminals and deadly drugs pouring through an open border?

  • Was this a case of “suicide by cop?”

  • The gunman’s name would suggest he is of Hispanic/Latino origin, so a more pertinent question would involve citizenship. Is this individual an illegal alien, and did he have multiple unauthorized re-entries? Is there such a thing as a "non-white" white supremacist?

  • Was the gunman under the influence of any substance?

  • Was the gunman mentally ill or known to be distraught?

  • Is he a member of a drug cartel or a local gang member?

  • Is it possible he was targeting a single victim, and the rest were collateral damage?

  • Does it really matter what weapon(s) was used in the attack other than to attempt to close off another illegal source of guns? Perhaps it is bullet-resistant tactical gear that should be licensed.

  • Is the Associated Press a reliable news source, or are they narrative-driven as the progressive propaganda arm of the Democrat Party?

  • Why would the Associated Press do a story questioning ideology so early on in an investigation?

  • Why would the Associated Press cite anonymous sources, especially Federal Agents who should have no active role in a State matter unless the gunman is an illegal alien?

  • And why do we need those self-congratulatory news conferences to thank every law enforcement agency and politician for doing their jobs.? And designate everyone who faces danger as a "hero?" There are truly heroic acts and then there is doing your job -- ask any soldier.

Source: Investigators examine ideology of Texas gunman

A gunman stepped out of a silver sedan and began shooting people at an outlet mall in the Dallas suburb of Allen, Texas, on Saturday, killing an unknown number. (6 May 2023)

Federal officials are looking into whether the gunman who killed eight people at a Dallas-area mall expressed an interest in white supremacist ideology as they work to try to discern a motive for the attack, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press. The official cautioned the investigation is in its early stages.

Federal agents have been reviewing social media accounts they believe Mauricio Garcia, 33, used and posts that expressed interest in white supremacist and neo-Nazi views, said the official, who could not discuss details of the investigation publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Garcia also had a patch on his chest when he was killed by police that read “RWDS,” an acronym for the phrase “Right Wing Death Squad,” which is popular among right-wing extremists and white supremacy groups, the official said.

In addition to reviewing social media posts, federal agents have interviewed family members and associates of Garcia to ask about his ideological beliefs, the official said. Investigators are also reviewing financial records, other online posts they believe Garcia made and other electronic media, according to the official.

Authorities identified Garcia as suspected of killing eight people at a Texas outlet mall, but his motive was a mystery Sunday, a day after the attack turned an afternoon of shopping into a massacre.


Bottom line…

When can we expect the reforms necessary to hold our formerly respected federal law enforcement agencies to their sworn duties instead of advancing a corrupt progressive communist democrat agenda of identity warfare against traditionalists and conservatives?

There is a possibility that the gunman, if Hispanic, was also Catholic. Does this mean the federal government is trying to justify its former incursion into the Constitution’s First Amendment by looking at faith-based organizations and individuals?

Why are we allowing the regime and its media propagandists to turn criminals into victims -- deifying those killed while resisting arrest or fleeing because they are of a particular race, ethnicity, or national origin?

And while we are asking questions, why are we allowing corrupt officials to hide embarrassing or criminal activities being some "ongoing investigation" label or the misclassification of politically damaging disclosures until after elections? Should that not be prosecuted as election interference?

I do not doubt that we need a regime change in 2024 and a leader who pledges to de-politicize and reform our federal agencies. A leader who will designate drug cartels as foreign terrorist operations and mass quantities of illegal drugs as chemical weapons of mass destruction.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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