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Why does the recently released Durham Report ignore the earliest origins of the Trump/Russia hoax?

The most logical answer is that past and current members of the Obama regime, including high-ranking Clintonistas, are protecting former President Obama.

It was determined that many high-ranking government officials were circumventing the requirement that government employees use government email servers to conduct government business, most likely to avoid public disclosure via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request or to hide nefarious, self-serving, or embarrassing activities.

The existence of Hillary Clinton’s private email server used for government business, including classified matters, was made public because the government could not produce then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails following the Benghazi terrorist attack. Since she did not use a government email, there was nothing to be found.

The Trump/Russia hoax was ostensibly concocted to distract everyone from Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server that was most likely compromised by foreign intelligence sources and others. A disclosure that could have had a material impact on the upcoming Clinton/Trump presidential election, much like the disclosure of Hunter Biden’s laptop, could have influenced the last Biden/Trump election.

But why did President Obama, Vice President Biden, CIA Director Brennan, FBI Director Comey, and others who knew the Trump/Russia allegations were created, funded, and executed by Clintonistas acting within the regime allow it to proceed and damage the United States? Why did President Obama and other Obama regime officials choose to participate in what was a Clinton campaign dirty trick?

The problem the Clinton server posed for the Obama White House was Hillary Clinton was communicating classified information with President Obama using his private Blackberry device that he fought so hard to keep, contrary to federal rules and regulations. Communications that were said to be compromised by foreign hostile and friendly powers.

And who, if not Obama himself, authorized and “white-listed” Hillary Clinton’s non-governmental server email address so she could communicate with President Obama, the White House, and the State Department while bypassing all communications preservation and retention regulations?

What were they hiding beyond the existence of a compromised server sending classified information to the President of the United States?

The public still does not know where Obama was during the Benghazi attack, who issued the “stand down” order that kept rescuers grounded during the attack and have a full accounting of the Benghazi incident. Or why the government was inclined to send Susan Rice on all five Sunday television news programs to lie about the attack’s origin being a spontaneous reaction to an offensive video. The government was demonstrably in full cover-up mode because the White House and the State Department had real-time information on the ongoing attack, including video surveillance.

The public has never been given the full story about the Benghazi attack. An attack believed to be a terrorist attack on an arms trafficking operation similar to the Iran-Contra scandal. An arms operation run jointly by Hillary Clinton’s State Department and John Brennan’s CIA. From all available reporting, it is possible that the Obama regime made a conscious decision to sacrifice Americans to keep the illicit operation secret – from Congress and the public because it appears that the U.S. government may have been arming fundamental Islamic terrorists who might attack American soldiers and interests.

With this fact pattern, all of which is public record, it appears that Barack Obama benefited from the hoax, and either was complicit or tacitly facilitated the dissemination of disinformation throughout the government intelligence agencies during the last days of his administration. The most damning piece of evidence is the Susan Rice memo written to file in the closing minutes of the Obama Administration.

Susan Rice’s now-infamous memo was blatant bid to cover Obama’s butt

Susan Rice’s memo about a high-level Jan. 5, 2017, meeting plainly aimed to protect the then-national security adviser’s boss, President Barack Obama — but it’s backfiring spectacularly.

Rice sent the Jan. 20, 12:15 p.m., note (recently declassified) to herself at literally the last minute: President Trump was sworn in at noon that day; her administration was headed out the door.

[OCS: President Trump was sworn into office at 12:00 p.m. on January 20.]

The point? Ostensibly, to memorialize the meeting with her, Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, FBI boss James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, following a briefing on Russian hacking.

Obama, the memo claims, stressed that “every aspect of this issue” be handled “by the book” and then “reiterated” that law enforcement proceed “by the book.” Comey “affirmed” he’s “proceeding ‘by the book.’ ” That’s right: She used the term three times.

Could a note scream “cover your butt” any louder? Why would lawyers want a document created two weeks after the fact and at the very last minute, that purported to show the Russia probe was totally kosher?

Surely because they feared people would think otherwise, because the probe wasn’t. <Source>

The outcome…

By this reasoning, Barack Obama is complicit in perpetrating modern history's most scandalous political affair, but in the subversion of government agencies.

Consistent with the precedent set by the Democrats in the second impeachment of President Trump after his presidency, Barack Obama should be impeached for actual high crimes and misdemeanors and stripped of all presidential perks, privileges, and honors — including making his papers available to his library.

Likewise, President Joe Biden, with the added specification of criminal activities involving selling influence to hostile foreign corporations and governments, should face impeachment.

As for other participants, they should be held accountable, stripped of security clearances, disbarred if attorneys, denied pensions, and forced to provide restitution for the cost of all investigations.

Bottom line…

Progressive communist democrats, especially those with close or ideological associations with Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, represent a clear and present danger to the United States of America. As do those legacy and social media organizations that have promoted disinformation, censored legitimate news, or canceled dissident voices.

Only the American people can hold these corrupt reprobates accountable – in the voting booth and the public square.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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