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Traditionally, a Department of Justice report of this nature would end with charging documents…


Until that happens, the cover-up has succeeded, and the participants have gone Scott-free.

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Joseph R. Biden Jr.
John O. Brennan
Andrew McCabe
James B. Comey
Peter Strzok
Christopher Steele
Charles Dolan
Joseph Mifsud
Bruce and Nellie Orr
Glenn R. Simpson
Peter Fritsch

Further investigation of former Attorney General William Barr, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, and FBI Director Christopher Wray appears to be warranted.

Bottom line…

Unless individuals are held accountable for a conspiracy to interfere with a Presidential election and attempt to remove a sitting President from office, our democracy remains at risk.

Without consequences, we can no longer trust our government, its premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies, or the rule of law in the United States. And the outcome of the 2024 election will be subject to legitimate questions.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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