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Why should anyone vote for the Democrats again?

The Way I See It...


What have the progressive communist democrats done?

Starting with former President Jimmy Carter, the father of modern-day Iranian fascism, through the corruption of former Presidents Bill Clinton, the radical racism of Barack Obama, and the high crimes and misdemeanors of Joe Biden, the Democrat Party has morphed into the party of neo-communism in the United States. The Democrats are becoming more ideological and willing to pursue an authoritarian agenda in their push for perpetual political power. Demonizing and destroying almost everything in their path as they ignored the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, weaponized our government agencies and plundered our treasury to purchase political power. Unchecked by the establishment Republican Party who seemed concerned mainly with getting their share of the plunder and spoils.

In formulating my opinion, I considered the following representative factors:

  1. Economic inequality: Income inequality has been increasing in the United States, with the wealthiest Americans seeing significant gains in income and wealth. At the same time, many middle- and working-class Americans struggle to make ends meet. All are attributable to domestic taxation policies, increased regulatory burdens on small businesses, the draconian pandemic mandates, and the failure of regulatory agencies to regulate their respective industries.

  2. Political polarization: The United States has become increasingly politically polarized, with deep divides between the two major political parties, making it challenging to pass critical legislation or progress on important issues. Even more damaging, granting political power to radical fringe groups that act as swing voters to pervert elections.

  3. Declining global influence: The United States' global impact has been declining in recent years, with the rise of China and other emerging powers challenging its position as the world's preeminent superpower. Abandoning or ignoring our allies as we empowered our mutual enemies has destroyed crucial alliances and spread mistrust of the United States across the globe.

  4. Infrastructure decay: The country's infrastructure is aging and in need of significant investment, from bridges and roads to water systems and the electrical grid. Privatized utilities refused to repair, replace, or build-out and harden essential critical as they chased profits and executive bonuses—funds allocated to infrastructure wound up supporting increasing bureaucracies or deeply flawed union-make-work projects.

  5. Social issues: The United States continues to face challenges related to social issues, including race relations, income inequality, and access to healthcare. The failure to protect our borders and follow federal immigration laws led to the influx of illegal aliens who brought poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime into our country while decimating welfare safety nets and deeply affecting housing and employment opportunities for impoverished Americans.

  6. Intellectualism: Intellectualism has led to a preference for abstract thinking and theory over practical, real-world solutions and the rise of elitism, where those who possess knowledge or intelligence are considered superior to those who do not.

  7. Corporatized media: Where both the legacy media and the social media platforms were about presenting narrative over news and the censorship and cancelation of dissenting voices, many with legitimate criticisms and observations.

  8. Judicial reform: There should be little or no doubt that our judicial system has been deeply compromised. Criminals are treated like victims and receive little or no punishment for egregious crimes. Yet, those associated with the opposition class are treated as harshly as political prisoners in third-world countries.  Criminals are released into our communities, and law enforcement is at the mercy of mob justice.

  9. Failure of our political parties: Americans have been mistreated by political parties that seem content to select and support candidates unfit for office. For the Democrats to offer up a cognitively impaired individual and an incompetent, incoherent backup to lead our nation is incomprehensible and cannot be defended, especially with not just a lack of achievements but a decline in every area of our society except racism which now runs rampant as a minority segment of our population tyrannizes us. 

  10. Inability to defend ourselves: Our military has been deeply compromised by the politicization of the officer corps, the introduction of morale-sapping social engineering policies, and the rules of engagement which degrade the effectiveness of our fighting force, our weapons, and tactics, often conveying advantages to our enemies trying to kill our soldiers. Soldiers who are compensated worse than worthless bureaucrats perform nonsensical tasks in a protected environment. 

– One Citizen Speaking      

It appears that several Republicans in Congress are Democrats, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) but no Democrats are Republicans. And the sad truth is that while the Republicans might not be able to fix all of our nation's problems, the Democrats remain the root cause of most of them.

To say we are screwed is an understatement.

-- Steve

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