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A confluence of political corruption and malign foreign and domestic events have boosted the influence of progressive communist democrats and their media and technology platform gatekeepers and propagandists on the world stage.

Marxist intellectuals in various prestigious universities concluded that traditional Marxist theory based on class warfare was ineffective in creating a workers' revolution in a relatively classless America. Therefore, they shifted their ideological battlefield to the cultural realm, specifically racial and sexual identities, both with large, disaffected populations that could be more easily manipulated with simple appeals to self-fulfillment.

Those academics who sought to undermine and subvert Western culture and values began to promote identity politics along with such concepts as political correctness, multiculturalism, and moral equivalence that could be utilized to create a further sense of alienation and division in the United States, paving the way for an abrupt leftward shift into socialism.

To forestall scrutiny and criticism, they claimed that those who pointed to the dangers of cultural Marxism were delusional right-wing conspiracy theorists who misread the historical tea leaves and produced a distorted view of Marxist theory and history.

The Marxists argue...

  • It is a conspiracy theory: The concept of cultural Marxism is often associated with conspiracy theories that posit a shadowy cabal of Marxist intellectuals working to subvert Western culture. However, there is little evidence to support these claims, and many scholars dismiss them as baseless.

  • It distorts Marxist theory: Marxist theory is primarily concerned with economic and social systems and their impact on power relations. While Marxist thinkers have also analyzed cultural practices and ideologies, the idea of cultural Marxism as a distinct theoretical framework is not widely accepted in academic circles.

  • It ignores the diversity of Marxist thought: Marxism is a diverse and multifaceted tradition encompassing a wide range of theoretical perspectives and political movements. The notion of cultural Marxism tends to flatten this diversity and treat Marxism as a monolithic entity.

  • It oversimplifies complex social phenomena: The idea that cultural practices such as political correctness and multiculturalism are part of a deliberate Marxist plot ignores the difficult historical, social, and cultural factors that have contributed to their development.

  • It distracts from real issues: The focus on cultural Marxism can distract from more pressing social and political problems, such as economic inequality, racial injustice, and environmental degradation. Promoting a simplistic and conspiratorial view of social change can hinder efforts to address these complex challenges.

Of course, their arguments are specious. 

The clear and present danger of cultural Marxism is well known. Almost everyone possesses an innate sense of the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, and moral and immoral. Unfortunately for some, mostly progressive democrats, the truth is inconvenient or interferes with their social life.

Don’t look for the media to tell the truth…

Several pundits have noted that the corporatized collective media does not care about their own credibility or what the American public might think. Its dual function is to promulgate the regime’s viewpoint at any given moment without consideration of its past statements or performance and to suppress dissident views while creating semantic confusion over terms and definitions.

Bottom line…

Of course, it is not hard to argue that Marxism, in its various forms, resulted in death and misery for hundreds of millions of individuals. And the shift of American exceptionalism to totalitarian obedience is not just another conspiracy theory.

But will anyone care before it is too late?

Where is the opposition from the GOP, which often acts as the enabler of the progressive communist democrat agenda?

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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