Financial institutions appear to be a growing danger to our nation's future.

While financial institutions are critical to our nation's economic health and stability, they pose a significant risk of cultural disruption, weakening our country by promoting internal divisions within the United States.

Social camouflage…

‘Ze/Zir’: Goldman Sachs Encourages Employees to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Goldman Sachs is distributing a pamphlet to employees that was drafted by the investment bank’s internal LGBT group and encourages staff to use recently developed gender-neutral pronouns, including “Ze” and “Zir.”

The prestigious financial firm made headlines in January 2020 when Solomon announced that Goldman Sachs would no longer help take businesses public to be listed on stock exchanges if the company’s board was only comprised of white men.

However, Goldman Sachs was highly selective in which jurisdictions it chose to enforce such standards. While the bank still boasts of its diversity requirement, the massive caveat attached to the demand is that it only applies to companies in America or Western Europe.

When it came to the bank’s extensive international ties in “Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East, where all-male boards are more common,” a Wall Street Journal editorial asserted, Goldman Sachs remains non-committal. <Source>

When large financial companies go "woke," you can bet your bottom dollar that they have ulterior motives.

  • Protect themselves from the regime's regulatory agencies.

  • Protect against any loss of local, state, or federal government deposits, bond sales, or other lucrative business.

  • Gain favorable media mentions in the progressive media that serve as the propaganda arm of the progressive regime.

  • Distract from the seemingly outrageous salaries of its executives while the woke world is ranting about income disparity and the gulf between worker and executive pay.

Previously, I could care less about the alphabet (LGBTQXYZ) people who were free to do anything lawful as long as they did not try to legally coerce me into celebrating their lifestyle.

Now it appears that the progressive communist democrats have transformed queerness, and all of its manifestations, into a civil rights issue and have created a new protected class based on medical dysfunction and the belief that men can be transformed into women by mental gymnastics, drugs, or surgery.

I deeply resent when the media promotes a delusional flamboyant exhibitionist like Dylan Mulvaney (Anheuser-Busch, Nike, etc.) as a civil rights thought leader, when in truth "he" is little more than a delusional caricature of the woman "he" purports to be.

How can this be?

It appears to me that this dysfunctional delusion is being driven by the nation's largest financial firms like BlackRock, the Vanguard Group, Fidelity, State Street Global Advisors, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and others as they pander to the progressive communist democrats and their media propagandists. Forcing corporations dependent on their financing to uphold the regime's cultural engineering nonsense.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and ESG (Environmental, Social, corporate Governance) are examples of cultural engineering…

Cultural engineering is the intentional effort to shape or influence a nation's cultural beliefs, values, and practices.

Some examples of the dangers of cultural engineering:

  1. Suppression of individuality: Cultural engineering can lead to a homogenization of cultural beliefs and practices, which can suppress individuality and diversity. This can result in a loss of cultural heritage and the erosion of unique cultural identities.

  2. Propaganda and misinformation: Cultural engineering can spread propaganda and misinformation to promote a particular political or social agenda. This can result in manipulating public opinion, censorship of dissenting views, and promoting harmful ideologies like communism.

  3. Limitation of free speech: Cultural engineering can limit free speech by promoting particular views and suppressing others. This can lead to a culture of intolerance and the stifling of creativity and innovation.

  4. Discrimination and inequality: Cultural engineering can reinforce discrimination and inequality by promoting certain cultural beliefs and practices that discriminate against other groups. This can result in social and economic marginalization and the perpetuation of systemic injustices.

  5. Inability to adapt to changing circumstances: Cultural engineering can lead to resistance to change and a reluctance to adapt to new circumstances and possibilities. This can result in cultural stagnation and the inability to respond to evolving societal needs and challenges. Cultural engineering in the military can discourage critical thinking by prioritizing a specific set of beliefs and practices over exigent circumstances.

  6. Introducing non-conformity into institutions like the military that demands homogenous conformity to ensure unit cohesion and fitness for a mission. Questioning the legitimacy of specific conflicts and the rules of engagement is disruptive and dangerous to the mission and the nation.

Before President Obama, America was on a positive trend concerning race relations and tolerance of sexual diversity. Americans were aware of cultural diversity and inclusion while avoiding the manipulation of cultural beliefs and practices for harmful purposes. Now, it is "shut up and do as you are told – or else."

Bottom line…

Undoubtedly, our major financial institutions have thrown in with the progressive communist democrats, somehow believing they will be protected by the regime when the shit hits the fan. As far as I can see, this has worked to the degree that the FDIC now protects uninsured individuals at the expense of those traditionally insured by the FDIC. A clear and present systemic danger to the stability of the banking system – or, looking at the depositors of Silicon Valley Bank, protection of socially-acceptable firms and projects.

We are fast becoming a dystopian nation that is headed for collapse.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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