The Rise of the "Respectable" OBAMA/BIDEN Marxist/Communist?



Once again, the unelected progressive communist democrats on the California Air Resources Board have created rules and regulations that will affect our economy without legislative consideration or approval from those who purport to represent us. 

California Passes 1st-In-Nation Emission Rules for Trains

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) today passed a new rule aimed at reducing emissions from locomotives when they operate within the state.

Under the In-Use Locomotive Regulation, operators will now be required to pay into a spending account, and the amount will be determined by the emissions they create while operating in California. Companies will be able to use the funds to upgrade to cleaner locomotive technologies. Locomotives also will have a 30-minute idling limit. Additionally, switch, industrial and passenger locomotives built in 2030 or after will be required to operate in zero-emissions configurations while in California, and in 2035 for freight line haul.

“Locomotives are a key part of California’s transportation network, and it’s time that they are part of the solution to tackle pollution and clean our air,” said CARB Chair Liane Randolph. “With the new regulation, we are moving toward a future where all transportation operations in the state will be zero emissions.”

[OCS: Bureaucrats like Liane Randolph are typically lawyers who have spent a significant part of their career in public service, concentrating on politics and procedure with little regard for the disruption they are demanding or an understanding of the science they are using to advance their directives.]

Currently, operational emissions from just one train are worse than those of 400 heavy-duty trucks. To further underscore the impact of locomotive operations in California, emissions reductions from the new regulation are expected to be equal to almost double those emitted by all passenger vehicles in the state between now and 2050. It is projected that the In-Use Locomotive Regulation will contribute the largest reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions toward meeting California air quality standards by the 2037 deadline. 

[OCS: You cannot trust most of what CARB says about emissions as they have a track record of fudging research and lying to the public.

In 2009, it was discovered that CARB had made errors in its calculations of diesel exhaust emissions, which led to the adoption of overly strict regulations that may not have been based on accurate data. The errors were discovered by researchers at the University of California, Riverside, and led to calls for reforms at CARB.

In 2011, an audit found that CARB had mismanaged millions of dollars in public funds intended for air quality programs. The audit revealed that CARB had spent the money on salaries, bonuses, and other expenses that were not related to air quality programs, leading to calls for increased transparency and accountability at the agency.

These and other scandals have raised questions about CARB's effectiveness and credibility in regulating air quality in California. While the agency has taken steps to address some of these issues, there is still ongoing debate about the best way to manage air quality regulations in the state.]

The reduced nitrogen oxide and diesel particulate matter – of which there is no known safe level of exposure – will bring an estimated $32 billion in health savings by preventing 3,200 premature deaths and 1,500 emergency room visits and hospitalizations. It is possible to start working toward the health benefits with the technology that is available now. Cancer risk from exposure to air toxins within one mile of locomotive operations is expected to be reduced by 90%. Many rail operations, particularly in urban areas, tend to be located in places that are home to low-income residents and communities of color, who often bear a disproportionate burden from the impacts of air pollution.

[OCS: There is no way that CARB can legitimately project or claim public health benefits. And, if anything, CARB is complicit in a carbon credits scam that allows local polluters to keep polluting our air, land, and water by purchasing state-authorized indulgences, most of which are paper certificates generated out of thin air by corrupt actors and the Wall Street Wizards. People continue to suffer health effects -- but the companies now have CARB's blessing.]

The new rules offer flexibility to come into compliance, including alternatives to meet milestone deadlines and extensions for reasons that can include issues with available technologies or emergency situations. Funding programs are available, particularly for companies that are taking early action or those looking to go beyond the regulation’s requirements. Funding support may be available through the Carl Moyer Program, Community Air Protection Incentives, Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust, and other programs such as Advanced Technology Demonstration and Pilot Projects funded through the Low Carbon Transportation program. Additionally, billions in federal grants and rebates to reduce air pollution are available for operators. <Source> <CARB’s pseudo-scientific fact sheet.>

[OCS: It’s another grift with CARB taking their share as the grift administrator.]

The truth about railroads…

Railroads have historically been one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of transportation, particularly for moving large quantities of goods over long distances. Consider the benefits of rail transit.

  1. Economies of scale: Railroads can transport large quantities of goods at one time, which allows for economies of scale. The cost per unit decreases as the volume of goods being transported increases.

  2. Fuel efficiency: Trains are more fuel efficient than trucks and other vehicles, particularly over long distances. This is because trains use less fuel per ton of freight carried.

  3. Reduced traffic congestion: Railroads have their own dedicated right-of-way, which means they are not subject to traffic congestion on highways or city streets. This can help reduce transportation times and costs.

  4. Lower maintenance costs: Rail infrastructure requires less maintenance than highways or airports. This can help keep transportation costs down.

  5. Environmental benefits: Rail transportation produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other transportation modes. This can be an important consideration for virtue-signaling companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

  6. Reduced accident rate: While rail accidents tend to be larger and more spectacular than other road-based accidents, they are still below the averages of truck-related accidents and deaths.

Increasing the cost of locomotives or reducing the use of railroads can significantly impact California’s and the nation’s economies, as California is an essential port of entry for international shipments, with businesses relying on intermodal shipping through California.

Tyranny on the back of the global warming hoax…

It’s not that the climate is changing, for it has been perpetually changing since the formation of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. The hoax is that the progressive communist democrats pretend they can affect the climate with taxation and onerous domestic policies. The truth is that the progressive communist democrats artificially create scarcity, which they hope to manage for perpetual political power.

If CARB was honest…

The California Air Resources Board, which claims it primarily focuses on regulating air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in California, will comment on all forms of energy generation except nuclear energy.

California has taken steps to phase out nuclear power as part of its clean energy goals which makes little or no sense.

In 2018, California passed a law that requires the state to obtain 100% of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045. While nuclear power is a carbon-free energy source, the law does not explicitly mention nuclear energy, and many advocates for low-cost, reliable, and sustainable energy have argued that other renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power are less cost-effective, reliable, and practical way to achieve the state's clean energy goals.

California has not approved the construction of a new nuclear power plant in over 40 years. The state's last remaining nuclear power plant, Diablo Canyon, is scheduled to be shut down in 2025. The closure of Diablo Canyon is part of the state's efforts to transition to renewable energy sources and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. 

Sheer idiocy and political corruption at CARB.

Bottom line…

Even if California could achieve its “zero emissions” goal, it would not change the global climate one iota. There is no scientifically accepted method to directly and reliably measure man’s climate signal amid the noise of climate’s natural variability. However, CARB is willing to destroy California’s economy without a demonstrable benefit to our daily lives.

There is no doubt in my mind that government entities are using the issue of global warming as a pretext for implementing policies that implement communism and infringe on people's rights or freedoms—deliberately ignoring nuclear energy and water catchment systems in California to bring about the State’s collapse and the implementation of authoritarian one-party communist control.

CARB and the one-party state must be overturned by concerned voters now, as they might be soon outvoted by illegal aliens who accept corruption and Marxism as a fact of life. 

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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