Betrayal in the Ranks: Public Officials and Military Members Leaking Classified Information


“Loose lips sink ships” was a famous phrase that originated during World War II to remind people that careless talk about military operations or plans could endanger the lives of soldiers and the mission’s success. The phrase is still relevant today and applies not just to the military but to all aspects of life involving confidential information.

Once again, we are reminded that our government and its military have been infiltrated by our enemies, both foreign and domestic…

Never before have Americans experienced the degree of divisive polarization along racial, sexual, and ideological lines designed to destroy American institutions from within and convey a political advantage to the progressive communist democrats. As we have seen, many individuals who have “the keys to the kingdom” are willing to betray their country based on their color, sex, or extreme political ideology – if not their hatred for their own lack of achievement or perceived mistreatment at the hands of their co-workers or superiors.

Why are we seeing this information that initially appeared on social media and then amplified by one of our most prominent legacy media outlets to alert the rest of the world?

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Leaked Documents Reveal Depth of U.S. Spy Efforts and Russia’s Military Struggles

The information, exposed on social media sites, also shows that U.S. intelligence services are eavesdropping on important allies.

A trove of leaked Pentagon documents reveals how deeply Russia’s security and intelligence services have been penetrated by the United States, demonstrating Washington’s ability to warn Ukraine about planned strikes and providing an assessment of the strength of Moscow’s war machine.

The leak, the source of which remains unknown, also reveals the American assessment of a Ukrainian military that is itself in dire straits. The leaked material, from late February and early March but found on social media sites in recent days, outlines critical shortages of air defense munitions and discusses the gains being made by Russian troops around the eastern city of Bakhmut.

The intelligence reports seem to indicate that the United States is also spying on Ukraine’s top military and political leaders, a reflection of Washington’s struggle to get a clear view of Ukraine’s fighting strategies.

The leaks can potentially damage Ukraine’s war effort by exposing which Russian agencies the United States knows the most about, giving Moscow a potential opportunity to cut off the sources of information. Current and former officials say it is too soon to know the extent of the damage, but if Russia is able to determine how the United States collects its information and cuts off that flow, it may have an effect on the battlefield in Ukraine.

The leak has already complicated relations with allied countries and raised doubts about America’s ability to keep its secrets. After reviewing the documents, a senior Western intelligence official said the release of the material was painful and suggested that it could curb intelligence sharing. For various agencies to provide material to each other, the official said, requires trust and assurances that certain sensitive information will be kept secret.

The documents could also hurt diplomatic ties in other ways. The newly revealed intelligence documents also make plain that the United States is not spying just on Russia, but also on its allies. While that will hardly surprise officials of those countries, making such eavesdropping public always hampers relations with key partners, like South Korea, whose help is needed to supply Ukraine with weaponry.

Analysts say the size of the trove is likely about 100 pages. Reporters from The New York Times have reviewed more than 50 of those pages.

The documents appeared online as hastily taken photographs of pieces of paper sitting atop what appears to be a hunting magazine. Former officials who have reviewed the material say it appears likely that a classified briefing was folded up, placed in a pocket, then taken out of a secure area to be photographed.

Senior U.S. officials said an inquiry, launched Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, would try to move swiftly to determine the source of the leak. The officials acknowledged that the documents appear to be legitimate intelligence and operational briefs compiled by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff, using reports from the government’s intelligence community, but that at least one had been modified from the original at some later point.

One senior U.S. official called the leak “a massive intelligence breach,” made worse because it lays out to Russia just how deep American intelligence operatives have managed to get into the Russian military apparatus. Officials within the U.S. government with security clearance often receive such documents through daily emails, one official said, and those emails might then be automatically forwarded to other people.

Another senior U.S. official said tracking down the original source of the leak could be difficult because hundreds, if not thousands, of military and other U.S. government officials have the security clearances needed to gain access to the documents. The official said that the Pentagon had instituted procedures in the past few days to “lock down” the distribution of highly sensitive briefing documents. <Source>

The FBI?

In an exclusive interview with “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland commented on the January 6 investigation, “Look, the Justice Department has been doing the most wide-ranging investigation in its history.” The follow-up question should have been, what was the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation doing about protecting our national security -- at the same time, most everybody in management was preoccupied with ensuring the downfall of President Trump?

These are the very same corrupt folks who took the word of a partisan-paid third-party security company over their duties to investigate the alleged compromise of the Hillary Clinton email server and the Democratic National Committee server by Russians and/or other foreign powers. These are the people who forged CIA documents and lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. And it is the Department of Justice that often caves when prosecuting traitors – especially if their revelations are embarrassing to the progressive communist democrats and their agenda.

Looking back over the past decades, it appears that the leakers are mainly progressive communist democrats rather than Republicans, which may say something about their anti-America agenda.

And it’s not only the military…

John Kerry’s Gmail account ‘discouraged’ but still defended by State Department, sort of

The U.S. State Department argues Climate Czar John Kerry can use a personal Gmail account for government business — despite the risky practice being “discouraged” in the very manual they cite.

The “Foreign Affairs Manual” referenced, particularly section 5 FAM 434, does not support outside messages.

“All Department personnel with an official State Department email account are discouraged from using a personal email account(s),” including Gmail, the manual reads. That section goes on to add Gmail can be used in “very limited circumstances.”

It also clearly states “convenience is not an appropriate reason” to use outside email.

The State Department’s push-back on Kerry’s behalf comes after the Herald reported Sunday that the former Massachusetts senator and onetime Democratic presidential candidate was cc’d a Climate memo to a Gmail account.

It’s all part of an ongoing struggle by the Herald and watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust to get Kerry to abide by the nation’s Freedom of Information Act.

Kerry has informed the Herald a list of his office staff will not be delivered until October of 2024 — a month before the next presidential election. An appeal to the State Department was denied leaving Kerry to continue to operate in near-secrecy as the nation’s first special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change.

Kerry’s “office is a brand-new unit with tremendous power that has operated under an extraordinary veil of secrecy and engaged in what appear to be unusual attempts to evade transparency,” said Michael Chamberlain, director of Protect the Public’s Trust.

Also, if Kerry is using a Gmail account for Biden administration business, it would be similar to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state that triggered an FBI probe days before the 2016 election. She was never charged, but she lost that presidential race to Donald Trump. <Source>

[OCS: How many Americans remember when Kerry violated the law by carrying on private conversations with Iran on nuclear matters during the Trump Administration? Telling the Iranians to ignore and wait out the Trump Administration. When was Kerry investigated for violations of the Logan Act or the failure to register as a foreign agent under FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act)? But, then again, Kerry is an America-hating progressive communist democrat.]

Ego-driven public officials can pose a significant risk to national security by compromising sensitive information and jeopardizing diplomatic relationships.

Here are some ways in which ego-driven public officials can undermine national security:

  1. Over-sharing: Public officials with big egos may be prone to oversharing sensitive information to impress others or show off their knowledge. This can lead to the disclosure of classified information or diplomatic secrets that could damage national security.

  2. Ignoring protocols: Public officials driven by ego may disregard established protocols for handling sensitive information, believing they know better than others. This can lead to the mishandling of classified information and the compromise of national security.

  3. Prioritizing personal interests: Ego-driven public officials may prioritize their personal interests over national security concerns. For example, they may leak information to the media to enhance their public profile or to further their political ambitions, even if it means compromising national security.

  4. Undermining relationships: Diplomatic relationships are crucial to national security, and ego-driven public officials may undermine or irrevocably damage these relationships through their behavior. For example, they may publicly criticize foreign leaders or engage in confrontational rhetoric that could escalate tensions and harm national security.

  5. Ignoring advice: Ego-driven public officials may ignore the advice of national security professionals or intelligence experts, believing they know better. This can lead to poor decision-making and the failure to address emerging threats.

  6. Keeping classified documents. Whether stored in a locked garage or a locked room, public officials need to be swept for retained records periodically and when leaving office.

To mitigate the risk posed by ego-driven public officials, it is essential to have robust systems and protocols in place to handle sensitive information. This should include regular training on the importance of confidentiality and the consequences of mishandling classified information. It is also essential to have a culture of accountability that encourages officials to report any concerns about the behavior of their colleagues. Ultimately, the responsibility for safeguarding national security rests with all public officials, and it is crucial they must prioritize this responsibility over their own egos and personal interests.

Bottom line…

The consequences of loose lips can be severe. In military situations, it could mean that the enemy obtains vital information that could compromise a mission and put lives at risk. In diplomatic situations, it could mean the loss of our allies’ faith and cooperation with America. And, in general, it can lead to unintended consequences – even sparking a regional or world war if history is any guide.

To say we are being screwed by the Obama/Biden Administration and weaponized hyper-partisan government agencies is an understatement.

With America’s national security at risk, we must opt for regime change in 2024 – and that includes Republicans who behave as Democrats on critical votes.

I say again; we are so screwed.

-- Steve

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