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What can we say about the Democrats and their media propagandists who continue to suggest that a corrupt, cognitively-impaired President, Joe Biden, and an ineffective, incompetent Vice President, Kamala Harris, be returned to office to “finish the job” of destroying the United States from within on behalf of a progressive communist democrat agenda?

My answer: F*CK YOU and your cadre of communists!


There is little doubt that a corrupt cognitively-impaired Joe Biden negatively impacts our country's economy, social and political systems, and foreign relations. He and his party are responsible for the political corruption that led to the misallocation of resources, reduced public trust in government, and a lack of transparency in decision-making processes.

Similarly, an ineffective, incompetent Vice President, Kamala Harris, is not able to take on the duties of the President, leaving the country vulnerable to potential threats and instability.

Both have proven unable to make sound decisions or effectively communicate with the American public or other world leaders. This has led to confusion, misinterpretation, and the possibility of mistakes that could have far-reaching consequences, such as armed conflict with a hostile nuclear adversary like Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, or soon, Iran.

In addition, the Democrat Party has created a toxic and divisive political environment that has led to racial unrest and violence, eroding the rule of law, damaging democratic institutions, and threatening the stability of an exceptional nation. In the topsy-turvy world of woke, virtue-signaling progressive communist democrats, it has exacerbated social and economic inequalities and undermined the trust and confidence of the Americans in their government.

There should be no doubt that a corrupt and cognitively-impaired leader like Joe Biden is susceptible to manipulation or influence by external actors, which can compromise national security and foreign policy, leading to a loss of strategic advantage, damaged diplomatic relations with our allies and neutral nations – which also threatens international peace and stability. Perhaps why so many government decisions seem to favor China, including the reduced investigation and prosecution of Communist Chinese spies.

As for the corporatized media – cut the cord and let them die the death they deserve for presenting narrative over news, censoring individuals, and failing to speak truth to power as they amplified demonstrable false regime propaganda. The media is criminally complicit in undermining public trust in government and institutions, which led to a breakdown of social cohesion and a rise in racial and sexual extremism and radicalization.

Bottom line…

Truth be told, the Democrat-dominated government, including both its leadership and bureaucracy, is the most prevalent source of disinformation and has resulted in an increase in hate speech, discrimination, intolerance, the erosion of human rights and civil liberties, and criminal activity in our communities. A situation that mirrors the trials and tribulations in America’s Democrat-governed inner cities.

The progressive communist democrats will not be satisfied until they achieve absolute perpetual power over a population that will suffer the equal outcomes of centrally-planned misery like any of the old communist countries.

In 2024, it is crucial for political leaders to prioritize the interests of their country and its citizens over their personal gain or ambition. They must uphold the principles of democracy, the rule of law, and transparency to ensure our nation's stability, prosperity, and security.

Now, we must find and elect such leaders, or we are so screwed.

-- Steve

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