I am pissed when the legacy media tries to side-step the murder of three innocent nine-year-old children into an assault on the LGBTQ+ community.


It is unconscionable that the media refuses to characterize the Tennessee school shooting as a religious hate crime perpetrated by a mentally deranged individual.

Those that claim they are unsure of the shooter’s motive, ignoring the shooter’s manifesto and her home environment, are deluding themselves or lying to you.

Church coordinator Norma, 61, and her husband Ronald, 64, refused to let Hale - who had recently adopted the name Aiden and used he/him pronouns - dress as a man in their home.

The loner would instead wait until she left their $700,000 Nashville property to change outfits, according to a well-placed source.

'You only see what you want to see. Their religion does not allow them to accept homosexuality,' the source told

'She was Audrey at home but when she left the house she changed clothes. They did know about it, they just didn't accept it.' <Source>

To do so would acknowledge the connection between gender dysphoria, transgenderism, and mental illness as if believing you can imagine yourself to be another biological sex by proclamation.

While the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5 appears to suggest that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder that may have more significant psychiatric co-morbidities, it may be unfair to lump transgenderism into a generalized category without the consideration of co-morbidities such as clinical depression.

To do so would remove the victimhood status from the mass murderer and acknowledge that the only victims in the shooting were those children and adults killed in what should be appropriately characterized as a hate crime.

'Hate has consequences': Trans support group blames GOP 'anti-trans legislation' for Tennessee school shooting, calls Audrey Hale's death a 'TRAGEDY' and demands media call shooter 'he/him'

The Trans Resistance Network, a fringe group with 3,300 followers, who view their private Twitter account, issued a statement after the Nashville shooting
Audrey Hale, 28, was identified by police as transgender: on some social media she referred to herself as 'Aiden', but police and her family use her birth name
The Network said Hale acted because 'he felt he had no other way to be seen', noting an 'avalanche' of anti-trans policies, adding: 'Hate has consequences'

They said there were two tragedies - the murder of the three nine-year-olds and three staff members, and the death of Hale.

'The second and more complex tragedy is that Aiden or Audrey Hale, who felt [she] had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others, and by consequence, [herself],' they continued. <Source>

To do so would point out that the so-called gun registration and red flags laws are a failure as they would not have prevented this horrific tragedy, especially since the person was clearly under psychiatric care and could still legally purchase weapons.

Nashville shooter, who was 'under doctor's care for emotional disorder,' used 3 guns, police say

New details have emerged from Monday’s shooting in Nashville that left three children and three adults dead when an assailant targeted a Christian school, making it the latest American community to be rocked by the despair and trauma of gun violence. Police are searching for a motive.

The parents said the shooter, whom authorities identified as 28-year-old former student Audrey Hale, was “under doctor’s care for emotional disorder,” Drake said. “Law enforcement knew nothing about the treatment [the shooter] was receiving, but the parents felt [the shooter] should not own weapons.”

Drake said the assailant’s parents believed that the shooter had sold their only weapon and were unaware other weapons were hidden within the home. <Source>

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale's mother, Norma Hale, appeared to be a gun control activist from her social media posts.

Norma also uploaded several posts about gun violence and how guns should be kept away from schools. She had even shared a petition for the same cause. <Source>

[OCS: Yet the parents, who were aware of Audrey’s mental issues, did not report the first gun purchase to the authorities.]

To do so would negate the false narrative that society has driven the miscreant to commit this heinous act, and, therefore, the system is partially to blame for this tragedy.

The progressive communist democrats refuse to promote individualism and posit that the collective accepts that it is the broader society that so profoundly influences your actions that you can be partially or fully absolved from the consequences of your actions.

If you believe the media, yes, you, the average heterosexual cis-gendered white male, are complicit in the wanton slaughter of children, as is all of America that does not accept the progressive sexual agenda. If only you and others were more accepting of the progressive communist democrat narrative of transgenderism, all would have been well.

Humanizing Mass Killers to Vindicate Progressivism

The Left’s impulse to reduce disturbed attackers to categories and force them awkwardly into a preexisting ideological framework insults their victims.

Commentary around Monday’s horrific mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tenn., followed a familiar trajectory right until the perpetrator was revealed to be a biological woman who identified as a man. This priors-scrambling detail sent media outlets off on the frenzied pursuit of something that would justify the preconception that those who assume a trans identity are never victimizers, only victims.

First, there was the mad dash to indict Nashville police for failing to use the pronouns preferred by the person who shot and killed three teachers and three nine-year-old students. That was followed by an attempt from media outlets and politicians to allege — the lack of substantive evidence to back them up notwithstanding — that the shooter had been incited in some way by local legislation restricting “adult cabaret performances” in the presence of children and the provision of hormone-blocking therapies to minors. The application of a moment’s reasoning to the suggestion that any of this explains, much less justifies, the murder of children must have proven unsatisfying, because the press soon moved on to crafting a narrative of victimization for the deceased killer.

The humiliation and rejection that serve as the shooter’s supposed origin story stretch back into early childhood. “Twenty years later, after being rejected by her Christian family when she came out to them as gay,” the Daily Mail’s report on the shooter’s psychological trauma concluded, the shooter “had turned into a killer.” The tragedy of mass murder is, in fact, “not one tragedy but two,” according to a statement release by the Trans Resistance Network. The killer “felt he had no other effective way to be seen other than to lash out by taking the life of others.” <Source>

Transgender Shooter Reveals Perverse World of Leftist Ideology

The legacy media have a preset narrative machine when it comes to mass shootings. That narrative machine takes into account the identities of the shooter and the victims, and then churns out an explanation for the shooting. White shooter, black victims: systemic racism. Black shooter, white victims: alienation caused by systemic racism. Muslim shooter, gay victims: Christian homophobia.

On Monday, a self-identified 28-year-old trans man shot up a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three children and three adults. The shooter left a manifesto, which police said reeked of “resentment.” And so this week, we are learning what pops up in the narrative machine when the inputs are “trans man” and “Christian schoolchildren.”

And here’s what pops up: America is systemically cruel to trans people, who apparently cannot be blamed for losing control and targeting small children at Christian schools. A hate crime by a trans-identifying person against a religious group is immediately transmuted into a generalized societal crime against the mass shooter herself. <Source>

NBC News Highlights the True Victims of the Nashville Shooting...And It's Not the Victims

Is NBC News kidding with this piece about the trans community post-Nashville? They think the real victims of the shooting at the Covenant School, a private Christian academy, is the LGBT community, and how they’re now gripped with fear because one of their own decided to murder some kids. Audrey Hale was the perpetrator of this heinous attack, which left six people dead, including three schoolchildren. The attack was intentional. Hale had maps and scouted other locations to commit this act of violence; she picked Covenant because the security situation was laxer. Hale was identified as transgender, went by male pronouns, and was killed when confronted by police.

The families of six people are shattered, but the real victims are the trans folks. Is that the line NBC is taking here? <Source>

Let us not forget the idiocy of our elite political class…

DHS Secretary Mayorkas says ‘assault weapons’ should be banned but can’t define the term

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been testifying before a Senate committee where he offered his support for an “assault weapons ban.” That term is in quotes because apparently it’s hard to define, as Sen. John Kennedy (who also startled the living daylights out of Mayorkas at the hearing), found out:

SEN. KENNEDY: “Tell me your definition once more of an Assault Weapon.”

SEC. MAYORKAS: “I am not an expert with respect to the assault ban…”

SEN. KENNEDY: “You are the Secretary of Homeland Security…”

SEC. MAYORKAS: “I defer to the experts.”

Bottom line…

Observe how the media refuses to report the news without the progressive communist democrat narrative and remember, this is why they can’t be trusted as the arbiters of truth.

That the progressive communist democrats and their media propagandists demand you accept the lie that biological sex can be transmuted at will is to mock reality and delve into the realm of idiocy and political ideology.

If one accepts the reality that individuals are responsible for their own actions, the entire progressive communist democrat narrative of class victimizers and victims dissolves before your very eyes.

When you blame everybody, you blame nobody!

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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