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The increasingly communistic Obama/Biden Administration has put forth a 39-page document titled “National Cybersecurity Strategy” that contains evidence that the regime is headed toward tyranny. 


Cybersecurity is essential to the basic functioning of our economy, the operation of our critical infrastructure, the strength of our democracy and democratic institutions, the privacy of our data and communications, and our national defense.

[OCS: Our country is becoming more fragile by the second as we rely on a fundamentally insecure internet that the poohbahs refuse to upgrade from the relatively insecure Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to the more secure Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Moreover, we find that our analog laws do not always protect us in the digital age and that the government and private corporations do not always notify the public about confidence-shattering breaches lest they suffer reputational damage. Likewise, where are the severe sentences for those with the "keys to the kingdom" that betray their trust?]

From the very beginning of my Administration, we have moved decisively to strengthen cybersecurity. I appointed senior cybersecurity officials at the White House and issued an Executive Order on improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.

Working in close cooperation with the private sector, my Administration has taken steps to protect the American people from hackers, hold bad actors and cybercriminals accountable, and defend against the increasingly malicious cyber campaigns targeting our security and privacy.

[OCS: The government continues to sidestep the Constitution by coercing private organizations dependent on government regulation, grants, and contracts into doing their dirty work.]

And we’ve worked with our allies and partners around the world to improve our capacity to collectively defend against and respond to cyber threats fron1 authoritarian states that go against our national interests.

This strategy recognizes that robust collaboration, particularly between the public and private sectors, is essential to securing cyberspace.

-- Joe Biden

Strategic Objective 4.5: Support Development of a Digital Identity Ecosystem.


Enhanced digital identity solutions and infrastructure can enable a more innovative, equitable, safe and efficient digital economy. These solutions can support easier and more secure access to government benefits and services, trusted communications and social networks, and new possibilities for digital contracts and payment systems.

[OCS: Bear in mind that no payment system is beyond the monitoring of the government regulatory agencies, Congress (e.g., Trump’s tax returns and transactions), and the privately-owned Federal Reserve.]

The Federal Government will encourage and enable investments in strong, verifiable digital identity solutions that promote security, accessibility and interoperability, financial and social inclusion, consumer privacy, and economic growth. Building on the NIST-led digital identity research program authorized in the CHIPS and Science Act, these efforts will include strengthening the security of digital credentials; providing attribute and credential validation services; conducting
foundational research
; updating standards, guidelines, and governance processes to support consistent use and interoperability; and develop digital identity platforms that promote transparency and measurement. Acknowledging that States are piloting mobile drivers’ licenses, we note and encourage a focus on privacy, security, civil liberties, equity, accessibility, and interoperability.

[OCS: Notice the socialist/communist language as they speak of social inclusion, civil liberties, and equity when the true objectives should be limited to privacy, security, interoperability, resilience, auditability, and reliability. How many people remember the free Obama phones and internet services provided with taxpayer money to those who immediately sold or traded them for other goods and services? As for “foundational research,” how many people remember Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to have the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau gain access to bank accounts and individual transactions to research systemic inequities?]

In developing these capabilities, our digital identity policies and technologies will protect and enhance individual privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties; guard against unintended consequences, bias, and potential abuse; enable vendor choice and voluntary use by individuals; increase security and interoperability; promote inclusivity and accessibility; and improve transparency and accountability in the use of technology and individuals’ data.

[OCS: By definition, there is no way to guard against unintended consequences or black swan events. Vendor choice and voluntary use are falsehoods, as the device matters little when the genuine concern is the data’s endpoint and access. The government will rely on its corporate partners to skirt the Constitution and federal laws – it will be the “private sector” demanding compliance. Inclusivity and accessibility is another government rationale for wealth redistribution in the name of equity, defined as the equality of outcomes.]

The consequences…



Imagine a regime that could surveil and control your location and every facet of your lifestyle by tracking your expenditures, denying access to crucial funds, and imposing taxes directly. Or, in the best tradition of George Orwell, punishing aberrant behavior. And don’t, for even a minute, think that private corporations and organizations, most dependent on government benefits and regulation, would not comply with the regime’s demands.

Bank of America Worked With Feds To Target Gun Owners, Whistleblower Confirms

Bank of America (BOA) worked with the FBI to investigate customers who made purchases with BOA credit and debit cards on and around Jan. 6, and pushed those who had made gun purchases to the top of the list, according to whistleblower testimony obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The whistleblower, George Hill, a retired FBI supervisory intelligence analyst, testified to the House Judiciary Committee In February that BOA gave the FBI’s Washington Field Office (WFO) a list of individuals who made transactions in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area between Jan. 5 and Jan. 7, saying the company did so of its own volition and without any known legal process, according to testimony made to the House Judiciary Committee in February. The list of individuals, later distributed to FBI field offices across the country, included BOA customers that purchased any product between those dates, while customers who had bought firearms were prioritized.

[OCS: Remember, these are law-abiding citizens who have not been charged with any crime. Who is protecting their constitutional civil rights? Gone are the days when you were innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction. Gone are the days when law enforcement investigated a crime and then sought the responsible individuals, not seeking individuals and then searching for a crime like in the old Soviet Union.

Bottom line…

The digital dollar is the end of freedom as we know it, and the advent of Chinese Communist-style government overt tyranny. The regime no longer needs guns to control your behavior – they can physically cancel your life, not just your free speech.

To say we are screwed is an understatement, as the Obama/Biden Administration imposes communism on our nation, usurping the role of congress and dictating your present and future behavior.

Are you stupid enough to sacrifice your freedom and rights in return for convenience and a small handout like a free phone (aka government surveillance device)? I hope not.

-- Steve

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