There is no doubt in my mind that all elected officials are prioritizing fundraising and reelection over making a fundamental systemic change, leading to a lack of action on the most critical issues facing our nation, including national defense, civil law enforcement, immigration, and economic stability.

Is it even theoretically possible for a corrupt system filled with elected officials acting in their own self-interests to reform the system? For these individuals to be willing to buck their colleagues, constituency, and the media, both legacy and social, to effect change?

How can one bring a bill of indictment to a system and then proclaim that system can reform itself when the system refuses to hold individuals and organizations accountable for their corrupt activities?

It's like asking the demonstrably corrupt Department of Justice to reform an equally corrupt FBI.   

I have observed that individuals like Trey Gowdy, Darrell Issa, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others can make a convincing case, rhetorically debate and demolish the opposition, and still produce little or no results.

Anyone can define the problem and make a case for urgent and drastic action. But will the message resonate with those in charge of the system? Or even with that portion of America to achieve the critical mass necessary to provoke reform?

Bottom line…

It's almost a fact of life now that those who we trust with our lives, finances, and well-being are committing some of the greatest crimes in history.

Will justice be served over time? Unlikely because the evildoers also created the statute of limitations to allow those with significant resources to delay the consequences beyond the point of any prosecution.

Trust in the system is difficult to maintain when there is evidence of corruption, self-interest, and a lack of accountability. The idea that a corrupt system can reform itself may seem unlikely or even impossible to some, especially when individuals within the system may be highly resistant to change due to the benefits they receive from the status quo.

We are so screwed as we experience the real-time erosion of trust in our government, our elected officials, and the organizations who pretend they are the repository of critical institutional knowledge.

In the final analysis, at least as I see it, it's all about media attention, fundraising, and reelection – screw the Republic.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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