With today’s suggestion that Russia might be considering pushing through Ukraine and into Polish sovereign territory, thus provoking a NATO joint defense response, I am reminded what a clear and present danger the Democrat Party represents to America’s sovereignty, security, and safety.

Russia’s Medvedev suggests ‘pushing Poland’s borders’ as next phase of Ukraine war

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, and former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev has suggested pushing against Polish borders.

In a Telegram post, Medvedev said that Russia’s military attack on Ukraine must succeed even if it meant violating Poland. In 2022, Medvedev predicted that Poland would be repartitioned. It is unclear if this is a part of a premeditated military strategy. Poland has recently accepted the European Union’s 10th sanction package against Russia. <Source>

For those who do not remember, it was former Democrat President Obama who was accidentally overheard telling then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election. And then, after the election, proceeded to sell America out, including gutting the military of some of its most capable officers and NCOs.

While the cadre of Obamacons continues to hold the incompetent Biden Administration hostage, we see our nation being flooded with illegal aliens, our energy sector decimated, and our agricultural sector under attack by the progressive communist democrats and their communist environmentalists.

We lost an enormous cache of weapons to the terrorist Taliban when the Biden Administration precipitously surrendered Afghanistan to 12th-century barbarians. Our weapon caches have been depleted as we ship critical materiel to Ukraine.

We are decimating our aging stock of nuclear weapons, many produced at facilities potentially riddled with Chinese spies and saboteurs.

We are allowing Communist China, now an ally with Russia, Iran, and North Korea, to infiltrate our nation, purchasing access to the nation’s leadership, corporations, technology, and farmland while the nation’s premier intelligence and enforcement agencies illegally interfere in domestic politics – spying on Americans and deliberately overlooking Communist Chinese spies.

DOJ shuts down China-focused anti-espionage program

The Biden administration is shutting down a Justice Department program that focused on countering Chinese espionage, following stumbles in a series of criminal cases and accusations that it amounted to racial profiling.

Officials said Wednesday that the three-year-old effort, known as the China Initiative, was being cast aside largely because of perceptions that it unfairly painted Chinese Americans and U.S. residents of Chinese origin as disloyal.<Source>

Our allies no longer trust America under Democrat governance.

Israel, Taiwan, and other allies are wondering if the United States will abandon them in a crisis, as we did to others in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, and elsewhere.

A solution…

It is time to elect a leader who will remove Obama’s embedded bureaucrats and revoke the courtesy security clearances of former government employees.

Bottom line…

Democrat appeasement in Iran, China, Russia, and Afghanistan has led to the impression that America is weak and under the governance of Democrats will not respond to blatant provocations. 

The State Department continues to compromise our national security, especially when it comes to leaking Israel's secrets that affect Iran's nuclear facilities.

The progressive communist democrats are selling out America. The communist-trained America-hating anti-Semite Obama is still calling the shots and leading the effort to destroy America from within.

We are more than screwed; we are in immediate peril.

-- Steve

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