It appears the nation's elected leadership, their appointees, and agency bureaucrats no longer fear the consequences of publicly lying to the Congress of the United States, compromised government agencies, and the American people.

It appears that they have grown comfortable with refusing to answer congressional oversight committees' questions or simply ignoring voluntary and compelled requests for document production and truthful in-person testimony.

Even the long-time practice of hiding behind classified documents, testimony, and national security claims has given way to the more popular "it's under investigation." As if the investigators are immune from congressional inquiry or internal probes by inspectors general.

The "Clinton privilege" of delay, distraction, obfuscation, dissembling, and overt lying seems to be the basis of today's pattern and practice of politics.

The goal of the exercise is to wait out the statute of limitations or involve so many individuals and organizations that it becomes impossible to prosecute "the system."

Unfortunately, politics have long corrupted our Department of Justice, and our nation's premier law enforcement agency has been infiltrated by political operatives willing to commit felonious acts to interfere with this nation's electoral politics.

Consider why the so-called deep state fears Donald Trump, the most investigated, harassed, prosecuted, and persecuted President in history. He is an outsider with no incriminating connections to the racketeering of our political class. Likewise, the persecution and prosecution of Lt. General Michael Flynn, the former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who knew of the excesses of the intelligence community and openly expressed a desire to reform the corrupted system.

A little background...

The term "Clinton privilege" refers to the perceived double standard and favorable treatment that former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have received from the media and political establishment, particularly concerning their respective controversies and scandals. The idea behind the term is that the Clintons have a level of immunity or protected status due to their political power, influence, and connections, allowing them to escape consequences that would have befallen others in similar circumstances.

The roots of Clinton privilege can be traced back to the 1990s, when Bill Clinton faced allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity, including a lawsuit from former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones, which ultimately led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives. Despite the serious nature of the allegations against him, Clinton was able to weather the storm and maintain a high level of popularity and support from the Democratic Party and the media. This was primarily due to the perception that the Republicans were pursuing a partisan witch hunt against him and that the allegations were part of a broader right-wing conspiracy to undermine his presidency.

Clinton's survival of the impeachment proceedings reinforced the idea of Clinton's privilege, as it appeared that he was able to escape accountability for his actions through his political connections and influence. This idea was further reinforced by the 2008 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, in which she was widely considered to be the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Despite her husband's history of scandal and controversy, Hillary was still able to run a successful campaign, with many in the media and political establishment treating her as a victim of partisan attacks rather than a co-conspirator in her husband's misdeeds.

The 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton brought the concept of Clinton privilege to the forefront, as she faced a series of scandals and controversies, including her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State and allegations of corruption and unethical behavior related to the Clinton Foundation. Despite these scandals, Clinton secured the Democratic nomination and was widely considered the favorite to win the general election.

Enter Trump…

However, the election of Donald Trump, and the subsequent events of his presidency, brought Clinton's privilege into sharp relief. Trump was widely criticized by the media and political establishment for his behavior, including his controversial statements and actions, and was subject to numerous investigations and impeachments. In contrast, the Clintons were mainly able to avoid similar scrutiny and continued to be treated as respected members of the political and cultural elite.

This double standard has led many to conclude that there is a culture of Clinton privilege within the media and political establishment, in which the Clintons are given favorable treatment and protected from accountability for their actions. This has led to a growing sense of frustration and anger among many Americans, who feel that the system is rigged in favor of the powerful and well-connected.

The concept of Clinton privilege has also been linked to broader issues of elitism and class privilege, as it is seen as a manifestation of the systemic inequalities that exist within American society. The perception that the Clintons can escape consequences for their actions due to their wealth, power, and influence reinforces the idea that the political and legal systems are rigged in favor of the wealthy and well-connected and that ordinary Americans are powerless to hold the powerful accountable.

Ironic because the subject of elitism and class privilege has always been used by the progressive communist democrats when pandering to minorities with their diversity, equity, and inclusion bullshit. With the shameless Democrats, it's not so much a matter of hypocrisy as it is hierarchy -- they know they belong on the top of any structure, secure in their power, wealth, and positions.

Bottom line...

It is important to note that the concept of Clinton privilege is not limited to the Clintons themselves. Similar privileges and double standards can be seen in how other progressive communist democrats and their cohort of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are treated by government agencies, the judiciary, and the media.

There should be no doubt that the concept of Clinton privilege highlights the importance of holding political figures accountable for their actions, regardless of their political views or affiliations. It is also a reminder that the corporatized media has abandoned any semblance of journalistic ethics and has failed the Constitutionally granted privilege and all Americans.

The idea that the Republicans are likely to fulfill their responsibility to hold those in power accountable without being influenced by political bias or personal connections is doubtful.

The greatest threat facing America is political corruption and the desire of some progressive communist democrats to ensure their perpetual influence regardless of the majority party in Congress or the occupancy of the White House.

We are so screwed.

-- Steve

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