“MAKE NO MISTAKE! If you try anything to raise the cost of frisizhnjubs*, I will veto it.”
President Biden’s State Of The Union Address

I could easily present statistics proving that Joe Biden is a liar, but what’s the point? You already know that.

The ultimate test is how you experience your life, not how some politician or bureaucrat tells you how you should feel.

  • You do not need anybody to tell you that our nation is suffering mightily under the progressive communist democrats led by a corrupt, lying, cogitatively impaired fool and backed by an equally incompetent hack who is almost as incoherent as her boss.
  • You do not need anybody to tell you that our treasury is being plundered by corrupt politicians from both sides of the aisle who are spending money with near-zero accountability. Some profit greatly from stock trades based on the same type of insider information that would send an ordinary individual to jail.
  • You do not need anybody to tell you that we are sending 140 billion dollars to Ukraine to pay salaries and pensions in addition to arms – as seniors on a fixed income prioritize food and rent over critical medications.
  • You do not need anybody to tell you that our nation is being invaded by a hoard of illegal aliens, including criminals and terrorists, who are sucking up local and state safety net resources meant for Americans. And that the progressive communist democrats are openly defying federal law as they keep our Southern Border open to illegal aliens. Not to mention the near-unchecked transit of drugs like fentanyl, killing Americans.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that our corporatized media and oligarch-controlled social media platforms are censoring the news and canceling dissidents with other viewpoints.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that there are serious issues with current vaccines and their side effects.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that we are suffering from inflationary prices, and food is being deliberately destroyed to enable price support for corporate agriculture. At the same time, smaller farms are squeezed out of existence -- and billionaires like Bill Gates are gobbling up farmland.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that our job market is decelerating and thousands are losing their jobs so executives can “make their numbers,” please the Wall Street Wizards, and grab outrageous bonuses generated by higher sales prices – not company performance.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that tax-exempt foundations are using our legal system against us to kill growth projects and the energy industry – the lifeblood of our energy-driven economy.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that our corrupt educational system is sexualizing young children and creating racial divides by claiming whites are the oppressors and non-whites are system-victimized oppressed. Never mentioning that the Democrat Party gave us slavery, secession, segregation, and decades of anti-civil rights pushback,
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that our streets are becoming more dangerous as progressive communist democrats open our prions and return hard-core recidivist criminals to our communities. Or refuse to prosecute criminals—the final insult to their victims. Nor do you need anyone to tell you that the progressive communist democrats are trying to cancel the Second Amendment, denying your God-given right to self-protection -- making it safer for armed criminals.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that the progressive communist democrats still suffer from a legitimate mental illness known as the Trump derangement syndrome.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that social media does not reflect real life, yet progressive communist democrats kowtow to a few strident Astroturf voices and influencers.
  • You do not need anyone to tell you that our national security is at risk as our country and its employees are being bought by China.

The GOP response by Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders...

Being a mom to three young children taught me not to believe every story I hear. So forgive me for not believing much of anything I heard tonight from President Biden. From out-of-control inflation and violent crime to the dangerous border crisis and threat from China, Biden and the Democrats have failed you.

In the radical left’s America, Washington taxes you and lights your hard-earned money on fire, but you get crushed with high gas prices, empty grocery shelves, and our children are taught to hate one another on account of their race, but not to love one another or our great country.

Whether Joe Biden believes this madness or is simply too weak to resist it, his administration has been completely hijacked by the radical left.

<Read the entire response here.>

A short State of the Union speech as created by ChatGPT (Jan 30 Version)…

Ladies and Gentlemen of Congress,

Today, we gather to celebrate the strength and resilience of our great nation. Despite the challenges we have faced in the past year, I am proud to report that the state of our union is strong.

Our economy continues to grow, with record-low unemployment and strong job creation. We have made great strides in expanding access to healthcare and ensuring that all Americans have access to quality, affordable care. We are also continuing our efforts to protect our environment, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable practices.

At the same time, we must remain vigilant in defending our nation against those who seek to do us harm. We will continue to support our military and intelligence communities, ensuring that they have the resources they need to keep us safe.

Looking ahead, we must work together to build a brighter future for all Americans. We must invest in education and job training so that every individual has the opportunity to succeed. We must also address the issues of income inequality and systemic racism, working to ensure that every American has an equal shot at the American Dream.

Let us come together, across party lines, to build a better future for all Americans. Together, we can make this country stronger, more prosperous, and more just for future generations.

Thank you, and God bless the United States of America.

Now compare it with the bullshit spewed by President Biden. This demonstrates that even a political vegetable could generate an acceptable speech with a few keystrokes. Come to think of it, why isn’t Vice President Kamala Harris not being replaced by ChatGPT?

Bottom line…

We are beyond screwed; we are fucked unless we start reforming America and reinstituting core American values.

Consider the Moneyball quote, "If he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good?"-- and ask yourself "If Biden is such a success, why aren’t Americans pleased?"

-- Steve

* the line was supposed to read, "Make no mistake, if you try to do anything to raise the cost of prescription drugs, I will veto it." <Source: White House>

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